What To Expect When You Go In For A Massage or Facial During Phase 2

By: / July 2, 2020

Stayed home way too long and thinking of getting a long-awaited spa day indulgence or a hair fix? Not a problem! However, before doing so, here are some things you need to abide by:

  • As the basic practice, everyone is required to abide by the Safe Entry check-ins for contract tracing, temperature checks and the use of hand sanitisers.
  • For massages, only single-use massage oils, creams and beauty products should be used to encourage cross-contamination.
  • You should always use your face masks in open settings and when there are other customers present in the salons or spas
  • Face masks are only allowed to be removed if your treatment takes place in a private room.
  • Beauty and wellness outlets across the island should not serve customers with drinks, food, and other shared items such as magazines and newspapers.
  • For hair salons, equipment like combs, scissors, and brushes should be disinfected and sanitised before and after being used on a customer.
  • To ensure social distancing, there will be fewer appointment slots and alternate seatings allocated. Also, seats will be arranged one metre apart from the next person. This also applies to the hair wash area.
  • Expect one-to-one services only. Usually, your hairstylist will work on others and you, simultaneously. However, now your hairstylist will exclusively work on you and you only.
  • You are not required to bring your own tools like scissors and your own towels. In fact, it is discouraged to do so. This is because your personal belongings would have gone through the same and strict hygiene and sanitisation protocols that the salons are practising.
  • At salons, employees should remove their aprons before going for their meals and breaks. Also, the aprons should be sprayed with disinfectants daily and kept clean.
  • When you go in for facials, fresh linens will cover the treatment bed you lie on and each customer will be receiving a clean and sanitised facial down or robe to wear and towels. These towels and robe will not be reusable.
  • In addition to the sanitising of tools and equipment in salons, high-touch areas like counters, door handles, cupboards, faucets, light switches and sinks will also be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.