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What To Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

By: Dedet Panabi / August 12, 2019

Sometimes all you need for an extra flair is some… extra hair. Hair extensions instantly add volume, length and drama. Here’s your ultimate guide to getting them done: the different kinds, how to take care of them, and where to get hair extensions in Singapore.

Kinds of Hair Extensions


Tape-ins come in “wefts” or strips of hair. These range anywhere from 1 1/2 inches to 8 inches long, and are attached with tape tabs. They’re sandwiched between your hair, and if it’s done well, no one will know the difference between your real and “fake hair.”

tape in hair extensions Singapore
Hair extensions in Singapore: Tape-Ins


  • Fastest way of getting hair extensions in Singapore — a session takes about 60 to 90 minutes
  • Less damage to hair, since it doesn’t need heat to be applied
  • The extensions can be reused


  • Only lasts for 4 to 6 weeks
  • You can’t wash your hair or sweat for the next two days, to give time for the tape’s adhesive to set
  • You have to be careful about what products you use on your hair, since some chemicals (like silicone) can cause extensions to slip
  • Risky to swim in them — don’t get these if you’re always in the pool or about to go to the beach
  • Tricky to do any ponytails or updos, so your hair style choices are limited


These hair extensions are thin hair bundles that are attached to your hair by a metal bead and pliers. and pliers.

Hair extensions in Singapore: MicroRing


  • Doesn’t damage hair, since no heat or glue is used
  • You can reuse the extensions
  • You can slide the extensions up and down your hair — so you control exactly where you want them
  • Really easy to wash your hair


  • Can’t be used on very short or thin hair
  • The clips can feel “bumpy”and uncomfortable against the scalp
  • Brittle hair can be damaged when the hair extensions are clamped on


The hair extensions are woven or sewn into your hair, in cute little cornrows. It’s one of the most natural-looking hair extensions, because you won’t see any gaps — especially if it’s done by a good hair extensions salon in Singapore.

Hair Extensions in Singapore: Weaves


  • Won’t damage hair, since no heat or glue is used
  • You can use any kind of hair products, even silicone
  • Can last up to three months
  • You can apply oil or silicone styling products to it
  • Adds a lot of volume


  • You need to have thick hair to “hide” the cornrows
  • You have to choose hairstyles that hide the cornrows
  • The tight braids may feel uncomfortable, and if done incorrectly, can cause hairfall and hairloss
  • You need to wash your hair frequently (no, dry shampoo is not enough!) to keep these clean and prevent bacteria growth
  • Heavy hair extensions may feel uncomfortable and even trigger headaches


This is longest-lasting and most durable kind of hair extensions — but make sure you go to a reputable hair extensions Singapore salon!

So what will happen? Your stylist will use a heating tool to “bond” the hair extensions (which have a keratin tip) to your hair roots. This is a long process, so prepare to spend from six to eight hours at the salon.


Hair extensions in Singapore: Hot fusion


  • Lasts up to six months
  • Very natural-looking, since the keratin is clear when it dries — nobody will even know that you got extensions!
  • Doesn’t limit your styling options
  • Suitable for all hair types


  • The heat can damage your hair or irritate your scalp
  • Should be done by a trained and experienced stylist
  • You can’t re-use the extensions

Some hair extensions Singapore salons offer cold fusion, which don’t apply heat but instead clamp the keratin-tipped strands with a special tool. There’s still a risk of breakage, and they only last for about three months, but you get very natural-looking results.

How to take care of hair extensions

Hair extensions seem like a quick fix, but they’re not ezactly wash-and-wear. “They actually look better and last longer if you blowdry them on a very low heat setting,” says hairstylist Todd Carter.

You’ll also need to be careful when you brush, and check your hair to see if they’re getting knotted or tangled. Ask your hair stylist to show you what kind of brush and comb to use, and how to brush so it doesn’t dislodge or damage your extensions.

The kind of shampoo and styling products you use depends on the kind of extensions you got, and whether you used real hair or synthetic. As a general rule, use sulfate-free shampoos. Avoid applying very thick conditioner in the area where the extensions are attached. Some women find it easier to wash their hair using a large bowl filled with lukewarm water. Yup, it’s a bit messy, but at least you don’t accidentally get suds all over the place.

Get hair extensions in Singapore

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