Why You Need Nutraceuticals: Entity’s Eva Tan Breaks It Down

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / July 2, 2018

Today’s busy lifestyle can also make for an unhealthy lifestyle. We sleep short hours, often find ourselves in stressful situations, and satisfy our tired bodies with poor food choices. It is high time to start taking care of our bodies, and it does not just pertain to a good skincare regimen. Beauty involves wellness and overall health. It is where beauty begins. Entity Health produces “next generation nutraceuticals” to help improve one’s overall health. Beauty Insider catches up with its founder Eva Tan and finds out why nutraceuticals is the next big thing in wellness.

1. How did Entity Health start and what exactly motivated you to create this business?

People are living longer than ever before. There is an increasing demand for “health span” and not just lifespan. Changing attitudes in healthcare causing healthcare to move away from hospitals and into homes and daily lives, towards preventing rather than treating illnesses.

Our team of scientists observed that consumers have a lack of options when choosing health supplements to improve their quality of life. The first wave of vitamins and minerals were introduced at a time when science was in its infancy. More people now have an increased knowledge and awareness of underlying medical conditions and demand more from their health supplements. Entity was borne out of a desire to meet the unmet need for natural supplements that are evidence-based and scientifically backed, clinically supported and results orientated.

2. How has Entity Health evolved over the years and where do you see it growing?

Entity was founded in 2017. Since Entity’s rollout in Singapore on our online store (www.entity-health.com) at the end of 2017, we have received the positive and enthusiastic response from our customers. To serve our customers better, we are expanding the number of third-party retailers that carry our products. Entity supplements are now sold in premium pharmacies in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and also on other online platforms like Lazada and Naturelova.

We intend to achieve top-of-mind awareness as the next-generation nutraceuticals brand known and trusted for bringing to consumers supplements that have a proven clinical efficacy beyond nutritional value; tailored to a specific need and for a targeted purpose; based on the latest scientific research, and are designed to bring beneficial and perceptible change.

3. What is your perception of current Singaporeans’ health and wellness mindsets?

Singaporeans understand the importance of preventing health conditions from occurring in a natural and safe way and the basic requirements for keeping healthy, like abiding by an ideal diet and through physical exercise.

However, most are only aware of the first generation of health supplements, which are vitamins and minerals. These supplements may not be meeting their needs, and since they do not produce any tangible effect, they do not improve their quality of life.

Most are not aware that there has emerged a new class of health supplements, positioned between nutrition and therapy, that can be an effective part of their strategy for the prevention and treatment of chronic and lifestyle-based conditions.

The Entity line of nutraceuticals represents this next generation of supplements that can really improve a person’s quality of life.

By only taking the generic supplements, Singaporeans are not benefiting from much of the scientific advancements that have been made in the world.

4. If you could pick your top 5 Entity Health products, what would they be?

LumeniX – an innovative, multi-tasking, beauty supplement – this powerful antioxidant is also a skin brightening formula designed to brighten and beautify the skin. Delivered using Entity’s unique WaferiX sublingual (under the tongue) technology for rapid absorption and a faster onset of action.

Brillar – to repair and nourish damaged skin cells for firm, smooth and youthful complexion.

MetaboliX Plus – to boost energy production, repair cells and combat the ravages of ageing – with the added benefit of reducing joint and bone inflammation.

LiviUp – to detoxify the body and protect the liver from the harmful effects of alcohol consumption, and to reduce the intensity of facial flushing, headache, nausea and other undesirable symptoms associated with alcohol consumption.

RevitaliX – to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation and improving the mood.

 5. What are your top 3 tips for improving health and wellness in your daily lifestyle?

– Exercise / Keep Active

– Manage stress, keep a positive attitude, be happy!

– Incorporate appropriate supplements that have the proven ability to prevent an onset of the condition, or improve a condition you suffer from.

6. Lastly, any wellness advise that you want to share with Beauty Insiders Singapore readers?

Prevention is a better cure. To keep your skin beautiful through the ages, maintenance is key. Don’t wait for pigmentation to show on your skin as it will be much harder to remove. Take both Lumenix and Brillar every day to achieve bright, youthful and glowing skin, and protect your skin from the harsh sun by taking Skin ProteX, our oral sunblock supplement. This will help you to age-proof your skin and keep yourself looking great.

Visit Entity Health here.