Zenyum: All Your Questions About These 3D-Printed Braces Answered!

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / April 26, 2021
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Heard of Zenyum but not sure what it is? Well, Zenyum is an invisible brace and something also referred to as clear aligners. And thanks to these teeth aligners, you can now escape those thick ‘The Princess Dairies’ metal braces and all the pain that comes along with them. Okay, you are curious to know more right? Beauty Insider gives you an insight into everything you need to know about these 3D printed braces.

What is Zenyum?

Zenyum is a 3D-printed clear aligner that focuses on making corrections, aesthetically to your font set of teeth. This has become a popular option for those who need only minor corrections. Not only that, but these aligners are also suitable for those who have worn braces previously, whose teeth have shifted out of place over time.

What Is The Process of Zenyum?

Here’s the process of how these invisible braces work:

  1. First, you have to send in pictures of your teeth
  2. If you are a suitable candidate and if you are suitable to use these invisible braces, you will be called in to go in for a 3D scan at one of Zenyum’s partner clinics
  3. Later, go on to review your treatment plan that is created by their labs
  4. Finally, approve your new smile and start your treatment

Also, you will be advised to wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily, and you are only to remove them while drinking, eating or cleaning. However, don’t worry as you will be provided with detailed care instruction on how to use your aligners.

How Much Does Zenyum Cost?

  • Initial consultation: $120 – $170
  • Zenyum invisible braces: $2400
  • Retainers: $300 a pair
  • Optional re-scanning of teeth: $100

For more information about their pricing, click here

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What Are the Benefits of Wearing Zenyum?

  • It is cheaper. The cost of other invisible braces in Singapore is twice the amount of Zenyums, while the traditional metal braces cost almost the same.
  • Faster results. When you use this 3D braces, it takes just three to nine months to achieve your desired results. However, other 3D braces will only give you results after a year.
  • Easy to use and follow. Zenyum is said to be easy to use and the plan of the treatment is also easy to follow. Not only that, but users of Zenyum also have to use an app that the dentists are updated on the progress without the need to visit the clinics.
  • Comfortable. It is verified that these braces are more comfortable than the traditional ones. This is because Zenyum’s braces are removable and invisible.

The Difference Between Zenyum And Invisalign

The main difference between the two is that Zenyum treats straight forward cases. Invisalign’s on the other hand, are for more severe cases. With Zenyum, your teeth can’t be too crowded and need extraction. Therefore, Zenyum treatments are much shorter than Invisalign’s. After wearing your “braces” you need to do follow-up check-ups. For Zenyum, it is done virtually through an app. Since Invisalign’s treat more severe cases, you need to go to the clinic and get checked by an orthodontist. Another difference is the cost!

What Are the Limitations to Wearing Zenyum?

  • Minor fixes. Zenyum’s braces can only minor straightening. If you want to realign your entire bite, molars or structure of the jaw, then Zenyum is definitely not recommended.
  • Short-term fixes. Zenyum recommends that you constantly wear retainers to keep your teeth in place. If you do not use them, then your teeth can go back to its original state, which makes the time wearing the 3D braces go to waste.

What is the Difference Between Zenyum and Other Brands?

Source: Zenyum Singapore

Watch this video for more information about how it works

Unlike other brands that address a wide range of dental concerns, Zenyum specialises only in making aesthetic corrections to the front set of your teeth. Not only that, by narrowing the scope of the treatment, but effective results are also achievable.

Does Zenyum Really Work?

What an overbite looks like before and after teeth straightening. Photo: Invisalign

In short, yes! But in long words, they work well for segmented movement of teeth but are not as effective in correcting overtly severe tooth rotations. Zenyum is better for treating common teeth issues like overcrowding of teeth, misalignment of the teeth and jaw, irregularities in the jaw structure and dental hygiene issues. Take note: Only consider opting for Zenyum if you’re diligent and responsible in the upkeep because it is hard and tedious work!

Who Is The Suitable Candidate for Zenyum?

S'pore Startup Zenyum Offers 3D Printed Invisible Braces For $2,400

Since it is a non-invasive process, so most people are suitable for clear aligners in general. However, it also differs on how complex your case is, It is best to consult your dentist as they can advise you accordingly during your initial consultation and assessment. Do bear in mind, if you want to opt for Zenyum, you will need to dutifully commit to wearing them for at least 22 hours a day! So, if you are the lazy then better don’t go for it!

Lastly, Where Can I Find More Info About Zenyum?

My Zenyum Invisble Braces Journey : Part 2 - aggylow

For constant updates about Zenyum, you can download the Zenyum App. The app features everything you need to know to own a radiant smile. Below, we have all the key reasons why you need to download the app now!

Highlights of the Zenyum App:

  • Offers FREE assessment for Zenyum Invisible Braces by doctors
  • Shows the progress of your invisible braces treatment with a plan
  • Reminds you when you need to switch your braces
  • Buy the Zenyum Sonic toothbrush and order brush-head refills
  • Has a blog for juicy info about all things smile cosmetics

Download Zenyum on Google Play. Download Zenyum on App Store.