Zenyum, an industry-leading oral care provider, has announced its groundbreaking 7-Day Free Trial Trade-Up Campaign.

Through this initiative, people can now experience the unrivalled power of the Zenyum Sonic electric toothbrush without making a purchase. 

Running exclusively until 18th June 2023, testers can try out the award-winning ZenyumSonic™ during a seven-day trial and only pay if they choose to keep it. 

The ZenyumSonic™ features the advanced sonic technology to deliver gentle yet effective vibrations that reach every crevice of your mouth. Powered by sonic vibrations for a deeper clean, this toothbrush effectively eliminating plaque for healthier gums. You can tailor your brushing experience with its three cleaning modes—gentle, clean, or white, based on your preferences.

Aside from its fast wireless charging, it is outfitted with a self-timer and auto-off to keep your oral care routine in check. With ZenyumSonic™, you can bid adieu to a boring oral hygiene routine. The sleek and eye-catching design adds a little thrill to your regular brushing.

Are you feeling intrigued? Simply head to this link to order your ZenyumSonic™. Your free trial will only start once the product has been delivered to you. 

For more information and details about the Zenyum 7-Day Free Trial Trade-up Campaign, click here

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