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Amber Beila


Amber Beila is a very chic and lovely beauty salon in Singapore that has been first opened to the public when is was established in 2012 with a clear vision of serving our customers with the very best in skincare and beauty treatments.

Located in Raffles Place, Amber Beila offers a host of beauty services to its customers that include age-defying treatment, skin firming treatment, acne treatment, and anti-stress massage, among other aesthetic and wellness services.

Amber Beila upholds its belief that a woman’s most precious possession is her sense of self-worth and pride that is deeply rooted in her appearance. Amber Beila’s philosophy is geared towards protecting and enhancing this sense of pride in our customers.

Geared with the most advanced equipment, elegant and spacious interiors, and a relaxing atmosphere, Amber Beila, will leave you with a refreshing and rejuvenating experience! Pamper yourself with the best aesthetic services, and enjoy high quality grooming services by dedicated and professional therapists!




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Among their many services are the following:

  • Express Facial
  • Papaya Hydrasoothe In-Spa Treatment
  • Strawberry Hydraboost Blemished Skin In-Spa Treatment
  • Elasto-Firm Facial
  • After Sun Soothing Treatment
  • Aromatherapy Facial
  • Problematic Acne Skin Treatment
  • Rejuvenating Dry Skin Treatment
  • Oxy-Vital Facial Treatment
  • Luminous Skin & Smoothed Wrinkles Treatment
  • Luminous & Refined Pores Treatment
  • Luminous & Firm Skin Treatment
  • Gentlemen’s Facial
  • Men’s SkinFit Myoxy-Caviar Mask
  • Aromatherapy Ultimate De-Stressor Massage

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