Bake Nails
  • The Midtown (Lobby A) 1187 Upper Serangoon Rd #01-26 S(533971) Singapore
  • +65 9451 9630

Bake Nails


Bake Nails & Beauty Boutique is a booming nail salon in Singapore that patrons and newbies alike love. Bake Nails has created a name for itself by serving looks and giving satisfactory services to each and every customer.

Bake Nails & Beauty Boutique, though relatively new, has been known for its professional and beautiful results. It has been becoming a go-to boutique for those who love to get their nails done with precision and finesse. Their services include the basics, manicure and pedicure, to the complicated ones like nails arts and pedi spa.

At Bake Nails & Beauty Boutique, they try to cater to all ages and genders. As they understand that most of the times, boyfriends/partners tend to get bored while waiting few hours for their girlfriend or friends. They also created a kid and pet friendly environment for the busy mums, so they don’t need to make separate arrangements just to get their nails done.


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Among their many services are the following:

  • Promotions
    • Express Gel Manicure + Free Return Soakoff*
    • Callus Treatment
    • Express Gel Manicure + Free Cat Eye/Color Changing/Galaxy Nail Art + Free Return Soakoff*
    • Classic Pedicure + Nail Spa (Inclusive of scrub & mask)
  • Manicure
    • Nail Trim
    • Express Manicure
    • Classic Manicure
    • Classic Gel Manicure
    • Deluxe Manicure
    • Gentlemen’s Manicure
  • Pedicure
    • Nail Trim
    • Express Pedicure
    • Classic Pedicure
    • Express Gel Pedicure
    • Classic Gel Pedicure
    • Deluxe Pedicure
    • Gentlemen’s Pedicure
    • 4 In 1 Pedi Spa VOESH
  • Extras
    • Acrylic / Gel Extension
    • Poly-Gel Extension
    • Soak Off
    • Acrylic/Gel Removal and Soak-Off

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