Beauty Salon
277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway #B2-01 Singapore
+65 6702 3062

The Beauty Recipe


Beauty Recipe Aesthetics is a beauty salon in Singapore that has over 38 years of Experience in the Beauty Industry. It has also been awarded International Permanent Makeup Championship 2018 with almost 400 contestants globally.

Beauty Recipe Aesthetics is most renowned for our Semi Permanent Makeup and natural skin healing treatments being among the best in the industry. Their international training academy based in Singapore and Indonesia has trained thousands of students from all over the world.

Beauty Recipe Aesthetics is honoured to be government approved with grants support and also previously winning the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award for the innovation. As well as, quality and good customer service.

They believe that with their latest semi-permanent makeup techniques and beauty treatments, all ladies can be confident without any makeup on their face. Beauty Recipe name comes from the culinary namesake with a belief that the perfect recipe followed precisely using the best ingredients produces amazing results.

At Beauty Recipe, they understand that the right products and equipment used by well-trained staff following precise and efficient procedures deliver outstanding results to their customers.

They strongly believe that beauty is for everyone and they aim to become the best beauty provider to customers worldwide providing Permanent Makeup, Eyelashes, Skin Treatments, Nails, Waxing and Permanent Hair Removal services.

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