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Beauty Veranda is a forward looking company and beauty salon with innovative and holistic approaches toward the art of health and beauty. Since its incorporation in 2007, Beauty Veranda offering a comprehensive range of beauty solutions including facial treatments, body treatments, and lashes treatments.

At Beauty Veranda, we show passion and commitment to every client who pays their trust in us. We do it for the love of making life beautiful where every beauty services here is a blend of skillful human touch and advanced technologies, to do our best to beautifying every client.

Now, you can save yourself a headache and let Beauty Veranda be your beauty/image planner. Simply reach out to them about your beauty concerns and leave it to their professional consultants to plan a beauty solution in favor of you.

Beauty veranda is holding firm to the core values – Trust, Value and Excellent customers services. Clients satisfaction has always been our top priority and we believe this is the most important factor to Beauty Veranda to move forward.




Good waxing services

Avatar kira
Beauty Salon

Beauty Veranda

Beauty Veranda's waxing services is really good. It is almost painless. Will definitely comeback here.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • My Lash – Lash by Lash Extension & Lash Spa + Home Care Kit (120 Lashes)
  • My Lash – Lash by Lash Extension & Lash Spa +Home Care Kit (160 Lashes to unlimited)
  • Jyunka Expert Extreme Hydration Treatment
  • Jyunka V Deep Cleansing Face Treatment
  • Jyunka V Cryolift Treatment
  • Jyunka V Radio Frequency Face Treatment
  • Jyunka Expert Blanc Whitening Treatment
  • Filorga Light Peel Treatment
  • Filorga NCTF 135HA Anti-Ageing Treatment
  • Destress Massage
  • Upperlip IPL Hair Removal
  • Underarm IPL Hair Removal
  • IPL Face Depigmentation
  • IPL Face Rejuvenation
  • Bikini IPL Hair Removal

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