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Bikram Yoga Harbourfront

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Bikram Yoga HarbourFront is a fitness center from the dedicated heart of the studio owner Bronwyn Ayres-Munro who aspires who make yoga a fun filled way to exercise while making Bikram Yoga accessible fully to both men and women alike.

Bikram Yoga Harbourfront opened up for business for yoga lovers in the whole of Singapore.

In July 2012. All over the world where there are different types of yoga, anyone could choose from, Bikram Yoga Harbourfront wanted to focus on bringing the people of Singapore the fun of the quintessential Bikram Yoga experience.

Each session here at Bikram Yoga Harbourfront would consist of 90 minutes classes, 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises, and 40 degrees. With all of the different fitness and yoga studios sprouting now in Singapore, Bikram Yoga Harbourfront is a place that you would definitely connect with.

Bikram Yoga Harbourfront studio is the studio you can at home with while giving yourself the relaxation and benefits of performing yoga. At Bikram Yoga HarbourFront, they personally and strongly believe that relationships with everyone matters.

It is the foundation of the good service that they offer – To maintain a well balanced relationship with the people they get in contact with.

Therefore, Bikram Yoga Harbourfront, strongly believes in building relationships with our students. According to them “The studio is not just a place where you come for class, it’s a nourishing space. A place where different people come together and share a yoga practice, a place for collective energy and a place of growth.”