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  • 11 Mohamed Sultan Road #02-01/02, 239010 Singapore
  • 6904-4335

Bump by AVENTA

Bump by AVENTA is one of those beauty salons that take pride in the lovely culture of Japan. Today, Bump by AVENTA branches out in another Asian sister.  As a result, this further promotes the Kawaii culture here in Singapore.

If you think that Affordable Price, Vibrant Colours, Great Japanese Service are like a deal to come across to, Fear not, Bump by AVENTA is here for you.

At Bump by AVENTA you can get the vibrant colours that you want. While getting it with a very generous and excellent Japanese service partnered with a very budget-friendly price tag!

The hair salon truly hopes to introduce more of the Japanese-style Classy Vibrant Hair Colours to more Singaporeans by maintaining its too good to be truly excellent services as well as its prices very affordable to each and every customers.

At Bump by AVENTA there will never come a time where your stylist goes back and forth to attend to two or more clients. Because at Bump by AVENTA each stylist is allocated to one customer on a one-to-one basis ensuring quality over quantity.



I love my hair color!

Avatar sunkissed
Hair Salon

Bump by AVENTA

This is my first time here at Bump by AVENTA and I am very satisfied. I love my hair color! The place is really good. A little hot though, but it was a pretty cool place. Will definitely come back here.

Japanese Stylists are the best

Avatar jetzkykaye
Hair Salon

Bump by AVENTA

First, the salon is very accessible which gave me a reason to visit more often here. I have been with many Jap Salons and this is the most affordable one , they are not charging for extra length of hair that I love coz I have a long hair. A lil language barrier though but did not effect the quality of their service. I love the outcome and turned out what I wanted to be. Happy with the result!

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Ladies Haircut + Shampoo + Blow
  • Men’s Haircut + Shampoo + Blow
  • Student Haircut
  • Children Haircut (Below 7 yo)
  • Fringe Haircut
  • Hair Colour
  • 3D Hair Colour
  • W Hair Colour
  • Colour Retouch
  • Highlights
  • Cold Perm
  • Digital Perm
  • Rebonding
  • Straightening Perm
  • Point Perm (Suitable for Men!)
  • Point Rebonding
  • Treatment / Head Spa
  • Hairstyling
  • Makeup
  • Shampoo and Blow



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