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Caribbean Spa

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Caribbean Spa could be your escape from the busy city. Caribbean Spa is a high class spa in Singapore offering the latest massages and body scrubs all paired with a jacuzzi experience.

At Caribbean Spa, escape from the hustle and bustle of the city into a lush island paradise to re-discover the quintessence of living – to breathe, to love and to live. Caribbean Spa interior will be the first thing that you will notice.

Seeing how classy and minimalist the interior decor was. The staff were also so hospitable right from the start and you will be served Gryphon Tea Company‘s chamomile tea along with a packet of Lotus biscoff biscuit.

More than just a spa, Caribbean Spa is your private sanctuary where luxury meets experience. You can unwind in Caribbean Spa’s traditional Finnish sauna made from aspen wood to help improve blood circulation and relieve muscle soreness. You get to relax while losing weight and boosting your body’s metabolism!