Beauty Salon
470 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188735 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188735
+65 6274 0069



Casamia is a beauty salon in North Bridge, Singapore which specialises in a range of services including Facials and Nails like Babor Moist Stemcells Facial, Muscular Oxygenating & Relaxing Treatment, Classic Gel Manicure, Yogurt Spa Manicure as well as the classics.

Casamia knows each and every individual needs and wishes in getting that beautiful face and dainty nails. In order to immerse every customer completely in indulgence, Casamia utilize high quality products such as OPI and Babor.

Get to enjoy their cozy environment with an aromatic ambience that brings you to a new level of relaxation and comfort! They are proud of their well-trained beauty therapists and nail art technicians who will make your experience truly unique.

Casamia, as their tagline goes, You deserved to be pampered. Not just a color; choose a design, too. From the simply chic to the fantastically whimsical, WanderNails offer you a wide array of choices to adorn your fingers and toes, giving a literal sense to the saying, “stylish from fingers to toes”.