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Cheryl W


Cheryl W is a top notch slimming center/facility in Singapore garnering many positive reviews by advocating positive self image as well as advocating wellness and healthy weight management not at the expense of our clients’ health but most of all helping women overcome their fears of getting fat.

Cheryl W does this by offering a wide variety of slimming services like Banish Holiday, Fats Festive Treatment, Lymphatic Massage, Signature Royal Body Flush,  Sweat It Out and Lymphatic Drainage Tripolar Treatment.

Cheryl W was founded by Cheryl Wee and is considered as the best salon for Wellness & Weight Management for the young modern independent women. It aims to promote positive lifestyle among the customers, helping them to achieve and maintain desired bodies.

Cheryl Wee had years of personal experience battling and overcoming weight management problems so she decided to devote herself to enhance women’s positive image. Fit & Healthy is the new thin. The salon only serves customers above the age of twenty one.

Lastly, Cheryl W aims to promote positive wellness & weight management lifestyle. Through this brand, Cheryl Wee will share her years of personal experience battling with weight management problems and how she overcome it.