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City Cut Hair Studio


City Cut Hair Studio is one of Singapore’s premium hair salon that offers quality services with a very customer friendly price tag. At $2.90 per haircut, City Cut is definitely one of the cheapest neighborhood hair salons out there!

City Cut Hair Studio is also in groupon where you can get the best deals for their salon. These deals include haircuts, perms, rebonding as well as hair coloring.

Some of the offers here at  City Cut Hair Studio are a Groupon you can purchase starting at $20 for a hair colour, treatment and hair cut, valid for six months, for hair up to mid-back, appointment to be made and Groupon printout to be presented.

In fact, they carry out coupon deals at unbelievable prices of $30+ for hair rebonding or perm! Of course, we don’t expect a typical service level at the usual hair salon.

But still, the price is so low, there isn’t much leeway to complain. As for how good the hair service is, we haven’t seen many reviews so we can’t really make a judgment.


Not coming back.

Hair Studio

City Cut Hair Studio

Burned my hair during rebonding. It looks all so messed up! I actually had to go to another salon to fix it. I ended up cutting my hair. Very disappointed.

Cheap and tacky

Hair Studio

City Cut Hair Studio

Ugh. This has gotta be on the top 3 worst salon experiences I had ever. The hair cut wasn't that good. the staffs were very rude the only good thing about this place is that it is cheap.

Not worth it

Hair Studio

City Cut Hair Studio

First, my appointment was 12:00pm but the treatment started 12:20 without telling any reason at all. I got the perm which did not work at all. The hair looks dry and the wave is so big within 1st week. I washed it this morning. If I do not wash at morning, it will go out of shape.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Haircut
  • Rebonding & Perming
  • Highlights
  • Colouring

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