Full Body Hair Removal Salon
#04-16 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
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Datsumo Labo


Datsumo Labo, Japan’s first choice for hair removal salon is finally now in Singapore. You can now experience the top notch and high quality services you just won’t get anywhere.

As Japan’s celebrity-preferred hair removal salon, Datsumo Labo ensures that customers receive comfortable, affordable, and effective light therapy hair removal with state-of-the-art machinery and unique gel technology.

Now utilising the world’s most advanced SHR technology, hair removal is faster and more efficient than ever. Today, Datsumo Labo has recently upgraded the machines they use from IPL to SHR Machines – this is the newest hair removal technology in the world.

SHR Machines are one of the best machines to deliver faster, more accurate, and more powerful shots while remaining gentle to the skin.

Here at Datsumo Labo, If you have sensitive skin or darker skin pigments, you are now able to get treatments done without worrying about damage to your skin. Combine it with our Princess Gel™ and you will have a comfortable experience.

Specially manufactured in our Japanese labs, the unique Princess Gel™ is the gel they use and apply on your skin during treatment. This consists primarily of plant-based microbeads that synergise with light from the machine.

As a result of this healthy concoction, you achieve smoother and fairer skin. Also, it contains cooling properties to ensure maximum comfort. Many returning customers swear by the moisturising and whitening properties of the Princess Gel™!