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More than 5,350 One to One Client Personal Training Successfully Delivered!

Where we stand apart from others is in the quality of our personal trainers – they are exceptional. However, you do not need to be super fit or skilled to take advantage of that. Instead, our primary focus is on helping everyday people who want to get fitter, stronger and leaner do exactly that. We certainly have clients who are high-level competitive athletes. But you’ll feel equally welcome and comfortable with us even if you have never set foot in a gym before.

Our gyms in Singapore are boutique gyms which focus on providing top quality personal training via our hand-picked trainers. We also make our facilities available to regular members who wish to utilize the facilities themselves on a regular basis.


Super professional trainers

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Fitness Club

Gym N Tonic Pte Ltd

What I like about Gym N Tonic Pte Ltd is their professional trainers that will guide you all thoughout your sessions and trainings. The best!

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Personal Training
  • Personal Training For Kids


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