Fitness Center
Camden Medical Centre #09-06 to #09-07, 1 Orchard Boulevard (S)248649, Singapore 248649
+65 6736 2991

Ivana Daniell Studio Pte Ltd

Situated in the heart of Singapore, Ivana Daniell LIFE IN MOVEMENT’ offers state-of-the-art equipment combined with the highest standards of instruction in Pilates and Gyrotonic’ methodologies. At the Studio, an international team of qualified professionals conduct a wide variety of programmes in clinical exercise, general fitness and sport-specific training. While basing our Studio activity on Pilates and Gyrotonic’ exercises, it has been our unique and personal attention to the philosophy of Intelligent Movement that has attracted our clientele and provided us with ongoing personal success. Our innovative approach and extensive experience have established us as one of the world-leading centres for Pilates and Gyrotonic’.