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KGlow SkinLab believes in affordable skin care for men and women of all lifestyles. Our ability to combine state-of-the-art equipment and a holistic wellness approach is what earned us active patronage from celebrities, beauty queens and international business personalities.

Results speak for us, so even after one session, you will be able to experience the difference. Be amazed at our skincare and wellness services, designed to optimize the skin and body rejuvenation process.

Be renewed, refreshed and restored with Kglow Skinlab.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Promotions
    • IPL Hair Removal
    • Hot Stone Massage (Shoulder & Neck/ Back/ Hip/ Thighs)
    • Lower Arm Hair Removal
    • Deep Pores Cleaning Facial
    • Pure Vitamin C Treatment
    • IPL Whitening Treatment
  • Facials
    • Hydro Marine Treatment
    • Medify Skin Refined Treatment
    • Caviar DNA Imperial Treatment
  • Slimming
    • RF (Tummy / Upper Arms / Thighs / Buttocks / Love Handles)
    • Pressure Therapy (Tummy / Upper Arms / Thighs / Buttocks / Love Handles)
    • Fat Freeze (Per Cup)
    • Anti-Cellulite & slimming therapy
  • IPL Hair Removal
    • Armpit Hair Removal + Whitening
    • Full Arm Hair Removal
    • Arm Whitening
    • Lower Leg Hair Removal
    • Bikini Hair Removal
    • Brazilian Hair Removal
  • Massage
    • Ovarian Hormone Re-Balance Treatment
    • Hot Stone Massage (Shoulder & Neck/ Back/ Hip/ Thighs)

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