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Our prices are clearly listed so that there are no surprises. You can find the price list online, in our salons and even on our salon facades. We believe in price transparency.


We pride ourselves on value and that is why you will not see endless promotions or special offers that might overwhelm and confuse you. Instead, you can rest easy knowing you only have to look out for that one annual event, which is our anniversary promotion each August. The rest of the time, we believe you will appreciate the laden worth of our standard pricing.

We may not be the lowest price in town but you can rest assured that you are in the hands of trained skilled staff worthy of the much pricier salons.


We use genuine products purchased either from the manufacturer themselves or authorized distributors only. This helps ensure the traceability and quality of the products we use.

Our reviews online are the real deal. They were written by our customers and we appreciate the wonderful comments and even the rare bad ones. We are not perfect and we know sometimes we cannot be everything to everybody but we know that we can also learn from all feedback, be it positive or negative.


You will not find hard selling at our salons. No one wants to go for beauty services and be constantly badgered to buy products or packages. It spoils the whole experience. Our staff will only make a suggestion if the situation renders it and if it will benefit you.

We offer complimentary tea service with our salon services. We serve the well known Clipper Tea brand selection of teas along with our 100% true homemade treats. These treats are made in small batches with tender loving care by our salon’s resident baker.

You will find that we keep our salons clean and hygienic as we know these are habits and virtues critical for your health and comfort.


We are here for the long term. That’s why we took the time and expense to do a few things.

First we had the brand and logo designed by President’s Design Award recipient Larry Peh of &Larry. Next we had our brand and logo made into a registered trademark, thanks to the assistance of Namazie & Co. Then we had all our salons designed by the highly sought after local interior designer Arjan Twilhaar of Aiden-T.

Finally, we provide our staff with quality equipment and send them for regular training courses conducted by expert third parties because it is an integral part of our enduring vision.
We hope you appreciate the candor about our company. We invite you to experience for yourself the Project Hair difference. Who knows, you just might like or maybe even love it.


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Beauty Salon

Project Hair & Nails

My hair was really long, below my chest level but I wanted to try a short hairstyle. I showed them some pictures and my haircut turned out great! The service was really good and they offered me a drink while I was waiting. The staff who washed my hair was also very well skilled. Also tried their Manicure which was also great and gentle.Everything was super clean and professional. I liked the clean finish of my cuticles, they became soft and clean after the session. Good job!

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Cut + Wash + Blow
  • Colour + Highlight + Lowlight + Bleach
  • Soft Rebonding
  • Perm


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