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Project Hair & Nails

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Project Hair & Nails is a hair and nail salon in Singapore. The salon relies on value and that is why you will not see endless promotions or special offers that might overwhelm and confuse you.

Instead, you can rest easy knowing you only have to look out for that one annual event, which is our anniversary promotion each August. The rest of the time, we believe you will appreciate the laden worth of our standard pricing.

They use genuine products purchased either from the manufacturer themselves or authorized distributors only. This helps ensure the traceability and quality of the products they use. Also, You will not find hard selling at their salons. No one wants to go for beauty services and be constantly badgered to buy products or packages. It spoils the whole experience. Their staff will only make a suggestion if the situation renders it and if it will benefit you.

Lastly, they offer complimentary tea service with their salon services. The serve the well known Clipper Tea brand selection of teas along with our 100% true homemade treats. These treats are made in small batches with tender loving care by their salon’s resident baker.