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Revive Aesthetics


Revive Aesthetics is a wellness center in Singapore that was first opened to the public when it was established in 2006, offering a wide variety of affordable services like, waxing, IPL hair removal and facials.

Revive Aesthetics’ goal is to use their experience, knowledge and expertise to offer each and every customer a personalised treatment plan tailored to every needs.Revive Aesthetics promises that they will continue to keep up to date with and provide the latest aesthetic innovations. Upholding their mission to provide a professional personal service in a warm friendly environment.

Revive Wellness is a wellness boutique that promotes a balance between inner and outer health. Revive Wellness is linked to Revive Beauty. Check out the other outlets !




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Among their many services are the following:

  • Waxing Half Arm
  • Waxing Full Arm
  • Waxing Half Leg
  • Waxing Full Leg
  • Meridien Massage
  • IPL Brazilian
  • IPL Underarm
  • IPL Half Arm
  • IPL Full Arm
  • IPL Half Leg
  • IPL Full Leg
  • Gua Sha Face Lift
  • Signature HLD Facial





154 West Coast Road – #01-86
West Coast, 127371, Singapore
Tel: +65 6255 1678

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