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302 Orchard Road - #17-02, Tong Building  Orchard, 238862, Singapore
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Rexults Medspa


Rexults Medspa is a wellness center in Singapore that has been dubbed one of the best because of their well known “The Perfect Antidote™” treatments that they offer each and every customer that tackles the adverse effects of modern city lifestyle.

Rexults Medspa has a wide variety of modern treatments that Singaporean women surely loved. They offers therapies that address the effects of modern city lifestyle which can cause sensitive, stressed out skin and premature signs of ageing just like Age Prevent Face Therapy, Intensive Silhouette Redefine, Rexults Luminous as well as Men’s Refresh Face Therapy.

At Rexults Medspa, they surely have curated medical-grade equipment, the skill of the therapists and Rexults products, resulting in a stellar line-up of advanced aesthetics for face and body.

And lastly, what keeps Rexults Medspa’s clients returning is their dedication to personalized service and the assurance that our therapies deliver results.