Fitness Club
Revenue House (IRAS), #05-02, 55 Newton Road, 307987
8731 8119

Royal Thai Fitness Training Centre

RTF was set up in 2000 by Master Thomas Chan. Master Chan learnt Muay Thai for over ten years in Rangsit district in Bangkok, one of the great boxing districts in Thailand.

Master Chan is recognized as one of the pioneers in Muay Thai in Singapore. Through many years of training and teaching, he has gathered valuable experience in teaching Muay Thai to students of diverse backgrounds.

Clientele of Master Chan include CEOs, expatriates, students, housewives, professionals, children, and even retirees.

Based on the 5th storey of Revenue House, next to Novena MRT and Novena Square.

Amidst a pavilion setting, our training takes place in the great outdoors to reap maximum fitness benefits only from exercising in fresh air.
Trainees will be introduced to the unique art of Muay Thai to achieve an improved physique, peak fitness, health, and well-being.

Trainees will learn the techniques and tactics of traditional Muay Thai as handed down by one of Lumpini’s greatest champions. We have designed a comprehensive curriculum of 4 levels that allows you to progress through the various levels of intensity. Our trainers guarantee progression. Trainees need not complete all levels, each level is fulfillment in itself!

Typical training regime will include strength and cardio exercises, traditional Thai boxing exercises, followed by technique training and padwork (punching, kicking, handled by professional trainers only!)

We aim to spread the teachings of Muay Thai to one and all, to promote the values of respect, courage and self-discipline, to develop the ability of self defense and an enhanced state of personal wellness, and to be the leader in Muay Thai Fitness training, bringing original Muay Thai to enthusiasts outside Thailand, using Muay Thai to gift our customers greater personal wellness.

We aim not only to provide you with physical training benefits, but we will motivate you to develop within yourselves a mindset to take physical exercise as a lifestyle. Muay Thai is all about self discipline; we promise you a fun, interesting experience definitely worth your while!