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Slimming Sanctuary is a warm, soothing, relaxing spa where you can let all your inhibitions go as well as all of the negativity you harbour from the daily stress of the busy city. Slimming Sanctuary is a wellness spa that was first opened for public use in 1998.

Slimming Sanctuary is proud to offer a complete range of luxurious facial, body slimming treatments and pampering spa experiences, to provide you with top notch services and high quality treatments to better suit your lifestyle while not being heavy on the pockets.

These treatments are sure to give you a new nourishment to the soul and rejuvenate you with confidence in your own skin. Whether it is a facial, massage or even waxing, Slimming Sanctuary is here to replenish you and your body for you to finally create and have the desired shape of confidence.

Slimming Sanctuary is here to give each and every client a chance to a nurturing environment to unwind while their seasoned and professional therapists perform wonders on their skin with the modern, cutting edge technology while being budget friendly, without losing the most important aspect of it all – effectivity.




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Among their many services are the following:

  • Oriental Facial
  • Signature Bamboo Spa
  • Cool Sculpting & Ginger Therapy
  • Body Contouring
  • Cold Sculpting Treatment
  • Signature Facial (Stem Cell Booster)
  • Unblemished Skin (Clarity Facial)
  • Go For Radiance (Oxylife)
  • Scrub – Green Tea/Gui Hua/Ginseng
  • Full Body Massage


11 Tanjong Katong Road – #02-50
One KM Katong, 437157, Singapore
Tel: +65 6455 1161

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+65 6366 6161

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