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6A Shenton Way OUE Downtown Gallery 2 #03-17 068815 Singapore
+65 6220 0920

Flutters Lash and Nail Parlour

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Flutters Lash and Nail Parlour is a beauty salon in Singapore. According to them, their desire is to engage their customers in a luxe experience and pamper them within their classy sanctuary.

The beauty salon or Flutters in some regulars has been one of the well loved and go to place to beautify oneself. They have two branches which are loacted at Downtown Gallery Branch (DTG) – 6A Shenton Way 03-17 Downtown Gallery 2 Singapore 068815.

While the other one is at Boat Quay Branch (BQ) – 24 Lor Telok 03-01 Singapore 049036 (Above Cosmopolitian Clinic). At these cozy beauty salons they offer their signature services like Individual Lash Extensions, Cluster Lash Extensions as well as Lash Style to name a few.

Flutters Lash and Nail Parlour has an affordable price tags and accessible branches for you to choose from!