Matsui Hair Studio
  • #03-15, Bugis Plus, 201 Victoria Street S(188067)
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Matsui Hair Studio


Matsui Hair Studio is a Japanese hair salon and studio in Singapore which has been established by director, Matsui Akiyoshi, who is trained both locally and in Japan to bring the “Tokyo-street” style onto clients in Singapore.

The director goes back to Japan every year to exchange trends and new techniques with stylists there to bring the latest hair salon trends back offering state of the art styles and services like INOA Hair Colour (One), INOA Duo Hair Colour, Hair Retouch, INOA Hair Retouch and Japanese Perm.

All current and future staffs have been and will be given training by the director himself to ensure the quality of hairdo.

The hair studio, an outdoor themed salon and is specially designed for their clients to relax in a different environment after sitting-in for a long period of time. Clients who are waiting for their dye to be processed, getting permed, can move around for a hot coffee, read some comics or join their friends if any, waiting.





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Matsui Hair Studio

Matsui Hair Studio

My first time here was memorable as they left beautiful smile on my face. I always have strangers stopping me on the street complimenting me about my hair and asking me who and where I got my hair done! Service was superb, overall, I am very convinced and will visit matsui hair salon again.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Haircut
  • Director Cut
  • One Hair Colour
  • Duo Hair Colour
  • INOA Hair Colour (One)
  • INOA Duo Hair Colour
  • Hair Retouch
  • INOA Hair Retouch
  • Japanese Perm
  • Digital Perm
  • Rebonding
  • Soft Rebonding
  • Wash and Style
  • Upstyle

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