Poise Hair Studio
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Poise Hair Studio

At Poise Hair Studio, we believe that your haircut makes you. Hair that frames your face beautifully gives you the confidence to face the world. Get your hair designed by our stylists today, you will feel the difference in the cut.

There are so many styles that our hair artists can create for you, from gorgeous curls to the straight hair you have always  wanted.  From colouring, highlights and bleaching to rebonding and Japanese curls – how would you like to transform yourself today?

Sometimes your scalp gets stressed or may get flaky due to product buildup or even stress. We are here to help, with our extensive range of treatments designed to pamper your hair and scalp. Walk in today, and walk out fresh with a healthy scalp and silky smooth hair.


No good

Poise Hair Studio

Poise Hair Studio

Did not meet my expectation. The stylists may not be particularly good w haircuts which is pretty disappointing because that shld be their main skill. Had a haircut here and it was 2-3 inches shorter than what I want. I only got discomfort still lasting for next couple of months.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Haircut
  • Hair Styling
  • Hair Treatments

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