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SURFSET was born in the US when Mike Hartwick, a former professional hockey player, realised that surfing daily in California during off-season gave him even better results in his physique and sport performance than his regular heavy-weight workouts in the gym during hockey season. He decided to design a machine to mimic the workout that he got while surfing.

With his partners Sarah Ponn and Bill Ninteau, Mike invented the world’s first total-body surf trainer, designed to simulate the physical demands of surfing without the ocean. Together, they have developed a unique workout program using the SURFSET board that everyone can use to get in surfer shape without even getting wet!


Elegant place

Fitness Center

Surfset Fitness

SURFSET Fitness is a very elegant place this looks more of a spa than of a fitness center. I love it here. Very classy.

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Among their many services are the following:

  • Surf-inspired Core and Fitness Training
  • SURFSET Balance
  • SURFSET Core
  • SURFSET Sweat
  • Yoga
  • Get Fit!
  • PoundFit

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