AFC Japan LipoDOWN2 60s


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The AFC Japan LipoDOWN2 60s is the no.1 Best Selling Fat Burner from 2014 to 2020. It has a clinically proven formula that powers round-the-clock fat burning even while you’re resting. It is also enhanced with APF Fat Reduction Factors. This new proprietary formula is 200% more powerful and has the benefit to support sustainable fat loss. Thus it is able to show visible inch and weight loss. It has benefits to target problem areas such as the hips, tummy and thighs. It also promotes thermogenesis, increases metabolism, helps shrink bulky fat cells and regulate appetite. This product is also 100% natural and safe since it doesn’t contain laxatives, stimulants, diuretics, appetite suppressants and caffeine.

To use the AFC Japan LipoDOWN2 60s:

1.     For weight loss, consume 4 softgels a day.

2.     For maintenance, consume 2 softgels a day.

Active Ingredients per 2 Softgels: 

APF Fat Reduction Factors 1000mg (contains concentrated Fucoxanthin and Apple Polyphenols)


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