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When facing life’s pursuits, nothing sets the stage perfectly for you than an empowering advice or talk with your family and friends. Sometimes, though, all it takes is the right set of skincare to tell the world you can face anything life throws at you. For decades, women suffer from various skin diseases and allergies. […]

Who says you have to spend a fortune on pricey organic beauty products to reap the benefits of nature’s best ingredients? With all the crazy things we put our skin through each day, wouldn’t be so silly to assume that putting even crazier things on our skin won’t actually help it? So skip the drug […]

If you’ve been been wondering about what products actually work and what actually don’t, your favorite gurus are your most trusted go-to’s in checking skincare product reviews. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Stephanie Nicole who always prefer more matte finish palettes than shimmers, personally love how creamy and pigmented the color shades it has. […]

We have a hundred thousand regular strands on our heads. Aside from beauty and wellness, hair should also be taken care of from the time it emerges out of the root. Hair care depends on the type of hair and the lifestyle you have. Here are 8 best hair products we recommend for your crowning […]

What is city life doing to your skin? When Anna, the founder of BE.ST. Organic Singapore, returned to Hong Kong after living in the Australian countryside for 10 years, she started getting inflammation. The cause: pollution, humidity, and the stress of a fast-paced life. That’s why Anna developed an organic skincare line. BE.ST helps protect […]

Eyelashes can make your eyes look more beautiful and expressive. Here in HighBrow they can customize eyelash extensions that can suit your face for you to feel more confident.

Professional makeup artists lug thousands of dollars’ worth of beauty products to a cover shoot or fashion editorial, but some of their favourite items in their kit are less than $20.

Chic and carefree! These new nail polish colors make us think of weekend road trips, pina coladas by the pool, and Friday night clubbing with our best friends. Yes, you can put happiness in a bottle – and paint it on your toes!

Don’t you hate it when lengthening mascaras clump up, so instead of getting long and full lashes, you get this spidery-streaky-gunky mess that ruins your concealer and eyeshadow and pretty much your entire morning?

Radiant skin is actually skin so smooth and supple that it reflects light. But once we hit our thirties, our skin cell turnover gets really sluggish, and dead skin cells make skin look dull.

We scoured the beauty forums to find supposed “drugstore” anti-aging that delivered pretty good results — even at a lower price tag!

Primers can help your foundation look better and last longer, and hide pores and dullness so your skin looks radiant even before you apply your base.

We asked homegrown actress Shu An to name the beauty products and gadgets she can’t live without! Here are her top six beauty favourites.

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