Straight From The Fountain Of Youth: La Cure Beauté

About La Cure Beauté La Cure Beauté has been in the beauty industry for about a quarter decade now. The founder, Carole Barrot has a vision of creating a brand that gives women what they’re looking for a brand that is sourced from natural ingredients. Hence, she soured till the thermal waters of Salies-de-Béarn, the […]

acne scars
12 Best Dark Spot Correctors in Singapore That Can Even Out Your Skin Tone!

We totally understand the frustration of having dark spots on the face. And what’s more frustrating the spots is finding a way to get rid of them, which seems like an impossible task!!! Not just do they give you an uneven appearance but can also be seriously downgrading one’s self-esteem! And if you been dying […]

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18 Best Anti-Ageing Creams in Singapore That Can Fight All Signs of Ageing!

The elusive anti-ageing gene seems to have skipped us all (or perhaps not even exist!). Here at Beauty Insider, we approach ageing with grace! No one wants the experiences of their lives to fade leaving behind a botox-ed mess! Perhaps, looking your best, no matter your age is the surest way to approach anti-ageing! After […]

11 Eye-relaxing Tips To Relieve Strained and Tired Eyes

If you have a job in which its nature is to be on your computer or laptop most of the time, then you’ve definitely had your fair share of tired and strained eyes. Not only that, other factors like lack of sleep, crying, exposure to bright light, long hours of driving or reading could also […]