forehead acne
How to Treat Forehead Acne: Practical Tips from a Dermatologist

Many women who have really great skin can still get horrible forehead acne. These pimples along the hairline just keep coming back. It was bad enough when we were teens (when pretty much everyone got breakouts) but they can rear their ugly heads in our adulthood too. Causes of Forehead Acne Did you know that […]

12 Best Skincare Products to Beat the Heat in Singapore

In Singapore, the sweltering heat is a common villain for us. Whether it is umbrella season or the dry season, the heat and humidity is here to stay and our skin is not loving it. The heat and sweat that comes with it causes a multitude of problems — clogged pores, acne breakouts, more fine […]

15 Products from The Face Shop You Need to Have In Every Beauty Routine

Almost every K-beauty junkie owns at least one The Face Shop product. Whether it is a skin-saving sheet mask or a brightly tinted lipstick, we can all agree that The Face Shop does deliver amazing quality products at affordable price points. Beauty Insider lets you in on the 15 bestselling products from The Face Shop […]

sunscreen over makeup
Apply Sunscreen Over Makeup – without Smudging, Smearing or Greasiness!

Skin experts agree: the biggest sunscreen mistake that everyone makes is that we don’t apply enough. You need about half a teaspoon on your face, and an ounce (the equivalent of a shotglass) on your body. “Most people only apply 25 to 50%  of the recommended amount,” says the American Academy of Dermatology. Even worse, […]

Beauty Tips
Facial Rollers 101: Everything You Need To Know About Facial Rollers

Beauty brands are always introducing wacky yet innovative tools to take your beauty game to the next level. Now, it looks like facial rollers have joined the ranks and they are the latest ‘it’ thing in town. A favourite amongst beauty junkies and influencers alike, facial rollers have gained widespread popularity for its enhancing effects […]

japanese cosmetics
2019 Review: 32 Best Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products That You Cannot Miss Out On

Japanese beauty products- drugstore or otherwise are such a huge part of the beauty industry. From collagen pods to powder cleansers, you are sure to spoil yourself with the endless amount of options. The best part? These quality products come at affordable price points. Beauty Insider lets you in on the best Japanese drugstore beauty […]

micellar water
Hello, Clean Skin: The Complete Guide to Micellar Water

We all know that cleansing is the one step in any skincare routine that should never be skipped. Plus, is it not just undeniably satisfying when you remove all that gunk after a long day? Micellar water based makeup removers, the answer to clean and refreshed skin is no great secret. This cleansing water is […]