best pimple cream singapore
30 Best Pimple Creams, Spot Treatments and Cleansers, According to Reviews

Banish those breakouts for good! We rounded up the most popular facial washes, spot treatments, facial masks and serums for clearing and preventing acne. So if you’re searching for the best pimple cream in Singapore, or an affordable serum that can fade those acne marks, check out our comprehensive list. Best Pimple Cream in Singapore […]

best cleansing oils for waterproof makeup
Best Oil Cleanser for Waterproof Makeup (They Help Fight Ageing and Pollution, Too!)

Waterproof and long-wear makeup are a godsend in a hot, sticky tropical climate. However, they are harder to completely wash off. Don’t scrub vigorously (which irritates skin!) or sleep with makeup residue (which clogs pores and causes acne). Instead, take it all off with one swipe with the best oil cleanser for waterproof makeup. Here […]

2020 Review: We Tried Muji Skincare So You Do Not Have To

A minimalist aesthetic that has captured both the young and old, Muji exudes style and simplicity with every product they make. That said, their beauty section is often left unexplored and its skincare products are undeniably the underdog of the store. If you have no idea which are the best Muji skincare products to snag, […]

bubble masks
Wacky Yet Cool Beauty Products: Here is Everything You Need to Know Bubble Masks

The beauty industry never fails to surprise us with the wackiest beauty innovations. From food-flavoured toothpaste to facial rollers, the list of weird beauty products is seemingly endless! Of course, if there is one beauty product we cannot forget, it would be bubble masks. A K-beauty trend that took over the internet by storm, a […]

2020 skincare trends
Update your Daily Routine with the Biggest 2020 Skincare Trends

Unlike makeup trends, 2020 skincare trends aren’t really about the latest look but the latest technology. Scientists and skincare brands spend millions of dollars researching on the best products and techniques to fight everything from acne to ageing, and sometimes they find a star ingredient or they discover a new way of improving the way […]

best korean moisturiser
Get the Best Korean Moisturiser for Every Skin Problem

Dry, irritated skin? Oily, acne prone skin? Dull and uneven complexion? We’ve got the best Korean moisturiser that can solve each particular skin problem. These Kbeauty cult faves got thousands of five-star reviews, and are among the top picks of beauty editors and vloggers. Best Korean Moisturiser for Oily Skin Oily skin needs hydration! Just […]

holiday skincare
How to Take Care of Your Skin During Party Season

It’s the morning after a party. You look in the mirror and think, “I look terrible.” It’s the Zombie look — which would be great if it were Halloween, but unfortunately, that’s not the holiday look we’re going for. Late nights and holiday cocktails can take their toll on your skin. Here’s what you need […]

best toner combination skin
Best Toner for Combination Skin: Fight Redness, Ageing, and More

If you have combination skin, you need to include a toner in your skincare routine. Toners will help balance your skin PH levels. They also hydrate your dry areas, but without heavy emollients that can make your T-zone even greasier. Find the best toner for combination skin for your particular needs and budget! If your […]