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Let’s chat about facial hair, shall we? Several of our beauty routines involve removing unwanted facial hair, and many women are already committed to this on the regular.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re a bit obsessed with beauty. You’ll know what we’re talking about if you’ve come across one of the Robinsons Beauty Halls, where prolonged daylight is celebrated with the latest beauty offerings, stunning displays of makeup products, and host of over 100 beauty brands. Creating a beauty haven has become […]

Removing your makeup might be the last thing you want to do at the end of the night, but those mascara streaks on your pillowcase be damned. By neglecting to wash your face it leaves you susceptible to breakouts and excess oil; plus, the dirt from the day’s pollution can also cling to the surface of […]

Whether it’s dark circles or those pesky wrinkles, we all want to know what we can do to get a fresher, rested look — starting with our eyes. It didn’t take long for the beauty industry to get onto this concern, and nowadays there’s a flock of eye cream formulas for every complaint out there. […]

This season has been a great one for beauty. Things are about to get even better now because August marks the launch of FANCL Hyaluro Premium, a premium beauty supplement that dramatically replenishes hydration and promotes healthy moisturised skin. Finding a suitable and reasonably priced alternative for our skincare needs has become something of a […]

The “less is more” phrase has been the motto of an entire beauty movement. While the myriad of cleansers out there on the market is fundamental to a healthy skincare routine, perhaps we’re doing ourselves an injustice by overlooking the humble bar soap. These bar soaps and masks from S-Labo have come a long way since the antiseptic-heavy, mineral […]

For many of us, there’s nothing more refreshing than pouring ourselves a glass of wine or throwing back a cocktail at the end of a tiresome work week. On weekends, we may relish in multiple mimosas over brunch with our girlfriends, or down a shot with some co-workers on a Friday night. Although polishing off […]

In a perfect world, we’d all have plenty of money to splurge on high-end products for each and every hair need and hiccups. And in a really perfect world, we’d have the tresses of Selena Gomez, Lily Collins, or Priyanka Chopra. Alas, no such luck. Essentially, we have to be conscious of where we spend […]

You’ll never be able to rid yourself of stress entirely but it doesn’t imply we can’t use a helping hand to combat those struggles. For every taxing demand, big or small, your body becomes overwhelmed and this presents a myriad of health and emotional issues. But it often first manifests itself physically, especially in our […]

Not all sun exposure is made alike, which means our skincare and makeup commodities could always use a helping hand in that department! Whether or not you actually follow through with this golden rule, you should be wearing sunscreen around the clock — not just when the harmful UVA rays are out. It is, without […]

Finally! A spot treatment powerhouse created by The Body Shop: a purifying, tea tree oil enriched with an anti-bacterial blend and organic tea tree leave extract that helps soothe blemished skin. A typical oil-based product might not be able to reduce the signs of your blemishes, but a little help never hurt particularly when it […]

In case you thought skincare consisted simply of washing your face, Bio-essence is here to prove that you can take it as far as you want. And if you want to get perfectly swept away, that’s what the brand’s new Bio-Water Range line is for. We love a good specially formulated range that has an […]

K-Beauty enthusiasts, take note: this skincare brand has created the ideal combination of Korean skincare expertise and French luxury to achieve ultimate skincare perfection! Enter: Erborian. But what captivated our attention the most is their Matte Creme created through cutting-edge beauty technology from Seoul. At this point in the game, you’re probably well stocked with […]

Beauty connoisseurs, brace yourselves for a treat: leading Japanese beauty brand Utena has launched in Singapore! You’ve probably seen the evidence of J-beauty’s global domination, from pop-up shops to haul videos by your favourite beauty vloggers. With our affection for all things beauty, there’s something about this crop of jelly-infused products that’s got it all […]

If you have searched the Internet endlessly for the best skincare products and
 ingredients to achieve radiant skin, it must come at no surprise that Vitamin C
 is at the top of the list. According to the Pinterest 100 Report released in 2018, the number of searches for Vitamin C in skincare has increased by […]

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