chiropractors in singapore
Chiropractors in Singapore 101: Clinics, Prices, Benefits, Risks and More
By: Kavitha / October 15, 2020

As working adults in Singapore, we cannot escape from frequent spine and back pain. Apart from work, our sedentary lifestyles that include hunching in front of a computer as we type away, or staring down at our smartphones, unhealthy eating habits can all take a huge toll on our spine health resulting in backaches, shoulder […]

neck creams in singapore
10 Neck Creams in Singapore That’ll Repair and Protect Your Skin
By: Kavitha / October 2, 2020

Our necks often get neglected as far as skincare routines go. We pay so much attention to our face but not to our neck. Given that necks too are exposed to the same amount of sun damage and environmental aggressors as our face. Plus, we often overwork our neck without realising. Just think, how much […]

Smell Good And Fresh All Day With These 7 Gender-Neutral Fragrances
By: Nina Shahriman /

There has always been a connection between genders and certain fragrances. Advertisements are always promoting a “fragrance for him” or “fragrance for her”. However, what about a “fragrance for them?” That’s where gender-neutral fragrances come in. Balancing both masculine and feminine scents, there’s been a rising demand for unisex fragrances in recent years. These days, […]

feminine washes in singapore
10 Best Feminine Washes in Singapore For A Clean Intimate Area!
By: Kavitha / August 8, 2020

Are you on a hunt for some good feminine washes in Singapore? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! Beauty Insider did the research and gathered a list of the 11 best feminine washes in Singapore that we are certain will not irritate or cause any discomfort at your delicate area. Plus, it will […]

11 Best Massage Oils in Singapore That’ll Elevate Your Relaxation
By: Julianne Jeyapragasam / August 5, 2020

You’d probably want to relax and unwind on a Friday night, after a long week of work with a massage session with you and your partner. The key to a relaxing massage is the oil that is used to massage and knead your body. Hence, Beauty Insider puts together a list of some of the […]

8 Every Day Habits that Ruin Your Teeth (#8 is SHOCKING)
By: Dedet Panabi / August 2, 2020

You brush your teeth, floss, and see your dentist regularly. Think that’s enough to take care of your teeth? Wrong! Some of your every day habits could be ruining your teeth, and you don’t even realize it. Check this list to find out if you’re doing these top dental health no-nos. 1. Chewing ice Dentist […]

tips to get perky breast naturally singapore
Effective Tips to Get Perky Breasts, Naturally
By: Dedet Panabi / July 25, 2020

Just between us girls: do you ever wish your breasts looked perkier? You know what I mean: full, firm, lifted. While we all love a good push-up bra, it would be nice if they looked great on their own. Here are some tips to get perky breasts naturally in Singapore. What causes breasts to sag? […]

How to Do Your Own Manicure–A Simple Guide for Newbies and Klutzes
By: Dedet Panabi / July 23, 2020

There’s a reason why I pay good money to go to a nail salon: I am lazy and have no hand-eye coordination, so any attempts to do my own nails usually end in pain and disaster. But when salons closed down for the circuit break, I was forced to learn! Here is a simple guide […]

kdrama perfume
Eau de Oppa: The Favorite Perfumes of Top Korean Actors
By: Dedet Panabi / July 6, 2020

Korean actors are famous not just for their drop-dead gorgeous looks, but their style, skin and impeccable grooming. So, it’s no surprise that they have their favorite scents. Find out which fragrances the top hallyu stars love to wear! Hyun Bin If you’re one of the millions swooning over Captain Ri from the megahit KDrama […]

14 Best Organic Body Washes in Singapore Your Skin Will Thank You For
By: Julianne Jeyapragasam / June 19, 2020

Are you someone who’d give anything to use a perfect organic body wash that leaves your skin feeling healthy and nourished after your bath without stripping it off its natural oils? or looking to go clean and green with your beauty routine? If you are either one of those or even both, then you’ve landed […]

14 Best Men’s Perfumes & Colognes For A Perfect Father’s Day Gift!
By: Julianne Jeyapragasam / June 17, 2020

With Father’s Day being this Sunday, some of you may or may not have already gotten gifts for your dad. For those of you who still have not, because you’re still thinking of what to get your dad, how about a fragrance? A perfume says a lot about a person as each individual has their […]