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Sometimes, specific topics feel impossible to talk about. Picture this: going commando or braless, and yes, even discussing your sexuality. And normally, these subjects are fairly common to everyone. But they remain rather hush-hush thanks to their “reputations” — until now. Because it’s about time we had those candid conversations, and we’re shedding light on […]

It is easy to forget about oneself once you become a mother. Everything immediately becomes about the baby. Bathing, eating, and sleeping are almost optional. If baby sleeps, maybe mommy can do those things. But taking care of yourself and your body is top priority especially when you have a baby. Getting a post pregnancy […]

In a perfect world, we’d all have plenty of money to splurge on high-end products for each and every hair need and hiccups. And in a really perfect world, we’d have the tresses of Selena Gomez, Lily Collins, or Priyanka Chopra. Alas, no such luck. Essentially, we have to be conscious of where we spend […]

Searching for best body lotion that will suit your specific need? Not all are made equal. There are best lotions for dry skin, while there are those that target stretch marks. Beauty Insider found the best moisturizers for dry skin, including some that target cellulite, eczema, and scars! Here is the list of amazing moisturizers […]

Whether you are looking for a hand cream that is easy on the pocket or one that will pamper you at every application, this list puts together the best hand creams for every need. Most of the best hand lotions reviewed online will work for specific needs like chapped hands or just dry hands. Yes, […]

Using a bar soap in the shower can give you that feeling of clean which feels great, up until you walk out of your home and realise your skin is way too dry. Yes, even with the humidity of Singapore, your skin can still be dry. Think about it, it is quite inefficient to take […]

Permanent hair removal is the best way to finally rid yourself of that weekly or bi-weekly routine of defuzzing yourself. Just think of all the time you could be spending elsewhere if you did not have to keep scheduling in shaving or waxing sessions. You could be working out more, catching up on your favourite […]

Skincare means more than just devoting time, money and effort on our faces. Skincare is a collective word for taking care of our skin as a whole. This means that just the same when it comes to our faces, our bodies need pampering, care, and love too! We have come up with a short but […]

It can be quite the hassle when you cannot find everything you need and want in just one store, even if it is online shopping. Thankfully, Watsons Singapore has you covered and you can find every beauty need from your hair down to your toes in this one store! There is no need for you […]

Our body clock tells us when to sleep, what time do we have to wake up and when do we get hungry. Surprisingly, our skin has a clock too that tells us when it is oily, dry or even sensitive to spots and itchiness. It does not only connote about what skincare products must be […]

Filling your diet with healthy and power foods can help beat chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. What you eat can affect your hormonal balance, cause skin impurities which are associated with skin aging. In fact, what you eat is as important as the serums and creams you apply on your skin. Here’s a […]

Taking care of your facial skin is great! But that is not all there is you need to focus on! Our entire body needs the same tender loving care too. Just like your face, your entire body regimen should me customized in accordance to your body need! But here’s the catch, it may not always […]

It’s that time to feel the love again. Everyone makes a great effort to make this day as romantic as possible but this doesn’t mean only chocolates and flowers count. Check out these five beauty products that can make your partner happy even after Valentine’s Day is all over.   Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (Valentine’s […]

Much ado with your typical skincare regimen for your face at night and makeup routine during the day, your body needs some pampering too. Check out these beauty products and skincare trends to step up your game and recreate a whole new you this 2018. -417 Firming Mud Body Foaming Scrub Known for its tightening […]

Vegan is a term used to describe any product that is 100% free from animal ingredients. Unfortunately, most soaps contain animal fat. In fact, in order to be considered a soap, it must have lye and fat in the ingredient listing. But more than religious, philosophic, moral, health, ecological, or dietetic reasons, more and more […]

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