whiten your teeth
The “Right” White: Different Ways to Whiten Your Teeth At Home

Coffee, tea, wine and cigarettes can stain your teeth and make them yellow. But here’s a good reason to smile: these products and treatments can whiten your teeth and keep them sparkling, shiny and strong. You can find tons of products to whiten your teeth, from toothpastes in your regular supermarket, to hardcore teeth whitening […]

summer skin care tips
Derms and Celebs Share Their Fave Skin Care Tips for Summer!

Beat the heat with these pro tips from Hollywood’s top dermatologists and skincare experts! Their skin care tips for summer should be part of our beauty Bible – because it’s summer every day in Singapore. Never leave home without a facial mist If you chill it the night before, you can cool down while soothing […]

dry skin tips
Rehydrate from Head to Toe — Regardless of Skin Type

Your skin is more dehydrated than it looks and feels. Many women who think they have normal or even oily skin think that they don’t need a lot of moisture, and only Google “hydrating moisturizer” when dry flakes or patches appear. But that doesn’t mean your skin isn’t thirsty. This is what dehydrated skin feels […]

body lotions for sensitive skin
5 Scented Lotions that Won’t Irritate Sensitive Skin

Most lotions for sensitive skin are fragrance-free, to avoid any reactions to synthetic perfumes. But sometimes a girl needs scents – something relaxing to help you sleep, or subtly sexy to wear on a date night. Are there any scented lotions that won’t irritate sensitive skin? Yes, but the trick is to pick a formula […]

best hand lotions singapore
Dry, Cracked Hands? These Heavy-Duty Hand Lotions Don’t Mess Around

Our hands go through a lot: sun exposure, UV exposure from our laptops and phones housework, gel manicures. They deserve as much care and attention as our face, if not more! Treat them to these heavy-duty hand lotions that work as hard as they do. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream  This no-nonsense hand cream […]

These Newest Perfumes Will Make You Smile Each Time You Wear Them

“How many days until the next long weekend?” If you’re tired and missing the holidays already, then consider these newly launched perfumes as your vacation in a bottle. They were inspired by summer, beach vacations and carefree days in the sun. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl Sun-Kissed This perfume tries to capture the spirit of summer […]

dry cracked heels
Best Foot Creams for Extremely Dry, Cracked Heels

Got cracked, dry and itchy heels? Your body lotion may not be enough. The best foot creams don’t just give moisture. They contain ingredients that can actually soften the skin, exfoliate that thick layer of dead skin cells, fight fungal infections, and treat callouses. CeraVe SA Cream for Rough & Bumpy Skin This powerful foot […]

sexy perfumes
5 Perfumes That Will Make You Feel Sassy, Sexy and Strong

These perfumes aren’t just for Valentine’s Day and date night. Wear them whenever you’re in a funk and need to remind yourself that you are beautiful – whether or not you’ve got a guy. Givenchy L’Interdit This perfume is inspired by bold femininity. “Forbid yourself nothing. Allow no rules. An invitation to defy convention and […]