natural deodorants
7 Best Natural Deodorants Proven to Last in Singapore Weather

Achievement unlocked: we found natural deodorants that can get you through a long, hot sticky day without getting stinky. Best part? They are cruelty-free! And if you’re interested in natural deodorants but have questions about the best way to buy it, use it, and keep your armpits smelling fresh, check out our deodorant FAQ at […]

diy coffee scrubs
7 DIY Coffee Scrubs for Acne, Cellulite, Hair Loss and MORE!

DIY coffee scrubs are the cheapest, easiest beauty treats you can ever make for yourself.You probably already have coffee grains at home — there’s probably a batch sitting in your coffee maker right now! Here’s a fun list of coffee beauty treatments that you can whip up any time, plus tips and FAQ on how […]

Fall 2019 Perfumes
Fresh, Clean but Oh So Sexy: The Best Fall 2019 Perfumes

Traditionally, Fall perfumes have very rich, earthy and sensual notes. Many of these scents were too heavy to wear in the summer (or in eternally-warm tropical climates, like Singapore’s). However, the best Fall 2019 perfumes are incredibly wearable. They masterfully combining the rich (and oh so sexy!) notes with light, fresh and very feminine notes. […]

best soaps for body acne
We’ve Got Your Back: Best Shower Gels and Best Soaps for Body Acne

Struggling with body acne? We’ve got your back. These are some of the best soaps, shower gels and drying lotions that can help control those annoying breakouts — not just on your shoulders, but your chest and arms too! Best Soaps for Body Acne Medicube Red Body Bar $24, Guardian This contains tea tree oil, […]

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Sleep Like a Baby With These Extra Soothing Body Products

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re actually too tired to sleep? You’re exhausted, but there’s just so much tension in your body (and the thoughts in your head). Get quality sleep (finally!) with this list of the most relaxing and soothing body products in Singapore. They work a lot better than counting sheep […]

How to Layer Your Fragrances to Get Your Unique Signature Scent

You’ve already got a lot of fragrances: perfumes, colognes and Eau de toilettes, scented lotions, body oils. They all smell great on their own, but once you start to layer your scents — make your own “perfume cocktail” so to speak — you discover a whole new world. Why should you layer your fragrances? Layering […]

whitening deodorants
Dark Armpits? We Found the Best Whitening Deodorants for Fresh, Fair ‘Pits

Sorry, but your deodorant could actually make your armpits look darker. Dermatologist Fretchen Frieling says that the perfumes and chemicals (like aluminum) in deodorants and antiperspirants can cause irritation and inflammation, which eventually leads to thicker and more pigmented armpit skin. If you’re dealing with discolored armpits, try switching to these whitening deodorants. Nivea Extra […]

Wore Heels the Whole Day? Try These Soothing and Smoothing Foot Treatments

Don’t you just love that moment when you get home, and you kick off your heels and finally, finally let your feet breathe? If only fluffy bunny slippers would be the next shoe trend! But until the fashion gods decide to make more comfortable shoes, the least we can do for our aching feet is […]