whitening deodorants
Dark Armpits? We Found the Best Whitening Deodorants for Fresh, Fair ‘Pits

Sorry, but your deodorant could actually make your armpits look darker. Dermatologist Fretchen Frieling says that the perfumes and chemicals (like aluminum) in deodorants and antiperspirants can cause irritation and inflammation, which eventually leads to thicker and more pigmented armpit skin. If you’re dealing with discolored armpits, try switching to these whitening deodorants. Nivea Extra […]

Wore Heels the Whole Day? Try These Soothing and Smoothing Foot Treatments

Don’t you just love that moment when you get home, and you kick off your heels and finally, finally let your feet breathe? If only fluffy bunny slippers would be the next shoe trend! But until the fashion gods decide to make more comfortable shoes, the least we can do for our aching feet is […]

stretch mark
9 Best Stretch Mark Creams that Really Work

Everybody gets stretch marks. While it’s usually associated with pregnancy, it can happen if you suddenly gain or lose a lot of weight, or if you’re just genetically predisposed to them. The good news? There are lot of stretch mark creams that can prevent them, or minimize their appearance. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream  […]

shower routine
The Best Shower Routine for Your Body that Experts Recommend

Everyone showers daily and yet we spend so little time thinking about the products we use or how long we take in the shower. We talked to the experts and got the best shower routine that your body needs – we promise it will not take long! Dry Brushing via GIPHY This age old technique […]

body acne
Dermatologists Share How to Get Rid of Body Acne For Good

Acne can literally be a pain in the butt (or shoulder… or chest). People who suffer from body acne know that those pimples can appear anywhere, despite regular showers. Not only are these zits painful, but they can also be embarrassing and hard to hide. Don’t hide body acne — treat it! Dermatologists tell you […]

Teeth Whitening
6 At Home Remedies that can Help You with your Teeth Whitening!

A million dollar smile does not have to cost you all that much! These days there are many at home kits that has everything you need for all your teeth whitening needs. Beauty Insider recommends our favourite tips and tricks to get those pearly whites in check- in time for that summer selfie. Baking Soda […]

hand cream
Best Anti-Ageing Hand Cream, According to Beauty Reviews

I didn’t realize how old my hands looked until I tried to take a pic of my manicure. I don’t have age spots — yet! — but there was definitely a lot more fine lines and rough spots. It was time to shop for a powerful hand cream. This time, I wasn’t just looking for […]

facial hair removal
Complete Facial Hair Removal Guide: Brows, Upper Lip and More!

Facial hair removal is a sensitive issue — literally. It hurts a lot more to remove hair there than on any other part of our body. Raise your hand if you’ve ever started tearing up during an eyebrow threading! But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. The good news is you can […]