cracked heels
How to Soften Cracked Heels and Get Rid of Calluses and Corns

Tight shoes and long hours of standing and walking can make your feet as rough and bumpy as a ginger root. Get softer, smoother and prettier feet now! These tips will help you rescue dry, cracked heels and melt away the thickest callouses. Use petroleum jelly as a foot mask Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly (or […]

just smile teeth whitening kit
7 Best Teeth Whitening Beauty Tools and Tips (Even for Dark Stains!)

 Bring out your best supermodel smile! Find out what you can do every day to fight the yellowing and stains caused by coffee, tea and wine. Discover the best teeth whitening kits that you can use at home.  And get really easy hacks on how to whiten teeth and freshen your breath even in the […]

Beach Babe Cheat Sheet: How to Prep Your Body for Swimsuit Season

Planning to go on holiday? Now that you’ve got your travel itinerary nailed, let’s work on your beauty itinerary: everything you need to do, from head to toe, to look your best in swimsuits, shorts or flirty summer dresses. Use these beach body tips to get you started. Three weeks before Get your last laser […]

signature scent
Find your Signature Scent: a Simple Guide to Shopping for Perfumes

Shopping for a signature scent? There’s a huge (and sometimes overwhelming) selection of perfumes in Singapore. This guide can help you sniff out your top picks and find a scent that captures your personality and preferences. Find your core notes  Any perfume review will talk about its notes: top notes (the first you smell), middle […]

body odour
10 Natural Ways to Fight Body Odour and Stay Fresh All Day

It’s natural to sweat (and in our tropical climate, it’s unavoidable). But how do you stop sweat from turning into nasty body odour? Find out what’s causing it, and what you can do to smell fresh the whole day. What causes body odour? Bacteria Not all sweat causes body odour. Eccrine glands emit a clear, […]

mother's day gift sets under $50
Pamper Mom from Head to Toe: Mother’s Day Gift Sets All Under $50!

Make Mom feel like a queen — every single day of the year! These beauty gift sets will help her feel pampered and pretty. And with these affordable prices, you can surprise her any day and make her feel it’s Mother’s Day all year round. Rough Beauty Essential R&R Set. Now mom can have the […]

relaxing body lotions
These Moisturizing Lotions Will Also Help You Get Better Sleep

Relaxing bath + relaxing body lotions = a well-deserved way to pamper and nurture yourself every night. These light, hydrating creams will make your skin feel silky smooth. Massage into your tired muscles, and breathe in their relaxing scent. Now, get reader for soft skin and sweet dreams! Lush Sleepy Lotion, $26 for 95 grams. […]

whiten your teeth
The “Right” White: Different Ways to Whiten Your Teeth At Home

Coffee, tea, wine and cigarettes can stain your teeth and make them yellow. But here’s a good reason to smile: these products and treatments can whiten your teeth and keep them sparkling, shiny and strong. You can find tons of products to whiten your teeth, from toothpastes in your regular supermarket, to hardcore teeth whitening […]