The Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond Drink That People SWEAR Gives Them Radiant Skin
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / October 16, 2021

We’ve all heard that you are what you eat; therefore, drinking or eating collagen should theoretically assist in providing your body with the necessity it needs to make collagen, right? So let’s really break down the information to determine is it fact or cap? With that, Beauty Insider is going to talk about the Kinohimitsu […]

Let’s Talk About Those Random, Rogue Hair That Everybody Secretly Has
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / September 19, 2021

We’ve all got a few rogue body hair that doesn’t follow the rules: The straggler on your otherwise naked upper arm; the odd loner on top of the ear. What happens beneath the skin that causes these hairs to tower above the rest? They’re longer, coarser, curlier, and generally darker than their adjacent fuzz. It’s […]

Emma Watson: We’ve Got The Tea On Her Beauty Routine From Skincare To Signature Makeup Look
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / September 13, 2021

When she’s not practising her scripts for her silver screen roles, she’s out there being a feminist for the voices that need to be heard. For Into the Gloss, Emma Watson recently shared her whole beauty regimen. The interview, unsurprisingly, has gone viral. Therefore, Beauty Insider is breaking down the interview and explaining Emma Watson […]

Baby Powder Scented Perfume?! Yup, Let’s All Smell As Fresh As Babies!
By: Cherelle Lim / September 6, 2021

Wow, we can’t believe we are saying this, but does anyone want to smell like a baby? Yeah, although it sounds weird, we have to admit that baby powder does smell kinda good. What! It’s true! Tell us that you haven’t tried using baby powder that wasn’t yours. We’re looking at all you people who […]

Vivian Hsu
40 Or 20?! Vivian Hsu Spills Her Secret Diet For Eternal Youth!
By: Cherelle Lim / September 3, 2021

Who would ever say no to eternal youth! If given the chance, countless men and women would give anything to look at least a day younger than they do! That’s just the reality of ageing and growing older. If you don’t take care of your body and looks, you’ll be mistaken for a 60-year-old grandma […]