men's perfume
9 Best Men’s Perfumes to Give Your Guy This Christmas

Shopping for a fragrance to give your guy this holiday? We sniffed out the best men’s perfumes and colognes. Pick from fresh everyday scents, powerful scents for important meetings, and sexy scents for dates. Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Cool Eau de Toilette Buy it now: $155, Zalora This is perfect for the guy who prefers his […]

cellulite treatments
Cellulite Treatments, Myths and Facts — from Dermatologists!

Aaah, cellulite: so common, but so misunderstood. Nine out of 10 women will get cellulite somewhere on their bodies — even celebrities. Demi Lovato recently shared an unedited bikini pic. She had cellulite, and apologized for all the other bikini pics that were Photoshopped so she could meet an impossible standard of a perfect body. […]

best bath bombs
18 Best Bath Bombs That Make Bath Time A Whole Lot More Relaxing

In this day and age of self-care, there is nothing better than a relaxing bath after tiring day. The bath bomb however, is the beauty industry’s great gift to us bath fiends. These shower tools erupt into pure, fizzy goodness to amp up your bath time. Talk about some next level pampering! Additionally, we can […]

butt shaping therapy
Butt Shaping Therapy! Now That We’ve Got Your Attention…

Thankfully, talking about our body and more private parts is no longer such a taboo topic. Most of us are comfortable complaining to our friends or colleagues about our IPL hair removals or soliciting advice on tattoos or belly fat. We may have heard similar whisperings about the buttlift in Singapore. Or, we have seen […]

Orbis Review
Orbis Review: 10 Products That Live Up To The Hype

No time for a 9-step Korean skincare routine? You’ll love Orbis! It’s a minimalist Japanese skincare brand that’s been getting a lot of buzz for working miracles on dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin. But which of their skincare and body products really work? Check out our Orbis review to know which ones are worth your […]

body scrubs
10 Whitening Body Scrubs that Lighten Even Elbows and ‘Pits

Glow from head to toe with a whitening body scrub! Made with gentle but effective ingredients, your skin will be smoother and lighter — yes, even stubborn secret dark spots like inner thighs and armpits. A Bonne Milk Spa Milk Scrub Shop it now: $14, Lazada Did you know Cleopatra used to take long milk […]

natural deodorants
7 Best Natural Deodorants Proven to Last in Singapore Weather

Achievement unlocked: we found natural deodorants that can get you through a long, hot sticky day without getting stinky. Best part? They are cruelty-free! And if you’re interested in natural deodorants but have questions about the best way to buy it, use it, and keep your armpits smelling fresh, check out our deodorant FAQ at […]