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If you’re a fan of Kbeauty, you know how they’ve nailed the natural, no makeup look. They actually have a name for it: Chok Chok. That means radiant, dewy, and fresh as a daisy. It’s like walking around with an Instagram filter (hashtag #IWokeUpLikeThis). But how do you achieve this effortless glow? According to famous […]

Makeup should enhance your beauty and build your confidence – it should never be a mask or make you feel that you have to follow a trend or look like somebody else just to feel pretty. Here are some makeup hacks that will help you apply makeup so it looks more natural and takes less […]

Cream blushes look natural, last longer, and is so easy to apply: dab, blend, done! You can even use them on your lips, too. Here are some of our favourite cream blushes and multi-sticks to get your glow on the go. Etude House Watercolor Blusher At just $16, this affordable liquid blusher gives a lot […]

Ït’s so hard to find a good foundation when you’re struggling with pimples! You need a formula that’s got good coverage, helps control oil so you don’t shine like a frying pan by 10 am, but won’t clog your pores. These foundations got five-star beauty reviews from people who have acne scars, breakouts, or just […]

The right shade of lipstick can give you an instantly whiter-looking smile! But it’s not just about picking a pink or a red. What really matters is the shade’s undertones. “Lipsticks with blue or cool undertones make your teeth look whiter,” says celebrity makeup artist Min Min Ma. You’ll find plenty of reds, mauves and […]

For those struggling with acne, we know the struggle is real. Acne can make you feel less than confident or feeling like you need to hide it before facing the world. Often at times the best way to get rid of an acne breakout is to let your skin rest by going barefaced. This can […]

Dying to know the exact shade of lipstick or the drugstore lashes that celebs wore as they walked the red carpet? Their makeup artists reveal what was in their makeup kit. Constance Wu’s red lipstick flatters all skin tones. Her makeup artist Molly Greenald lined her lips in Pat McGrath Labs Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil […]

These lip balms moisturize lips and leave a gorgeous hint of colour (like your lips, but better!). Wear them on their own, or to prep for lipstick. For a DIY lipstain, just apply lipliner and then one layer of lipbalm. Blot with one ply tissue and you’re ready to go!    Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy […]

If you have dry skin, you’re often told to skip powder foundation completely. Cream and liquid foundations give your skin much-needed dewiness and radiance. Why kill the glow with powder? But realistically, sometimes we need powder foundation, because 1) sweat isn’t glow, and most of us just don’t look magazine-cover pretty when we’re oiling up […]

Good news: the 2019 makeup trends are all easy, simple, and low-maintenance. Seems everyone’s sick of contouring and fussing over matte lipstick, and going for more laid-back glam. So put away your makeup brushes and lip pencils, girls – 2019 is the year of the lazy makeup look! Glass Gloss This is really just a […]

Frustrated by your thin eyebrows? We’ve got the quick fix. Here’s are 5 eyebrow serums to help them grow thicker. Bonus: you can use them to thicken your eyelashes, too! Shiseido Full Lash Serum Get full brows and longer, thicker eyelashes! In a study of 100 women who used this eyebrow serum, 80% said their […]

Anyone who has dry skin knows the struggle of finding foundation. Whenever we touch up, our makeup starts to flake, cake and look fake. But these cushion foundations for dry skin may be the answer! They hydate, even out skin tone and give a radiant finish that lasts for hours. Missha Signature Essence Cushion Why […]

Prepare for a hot date with these amazing lip treatments! You’ll get smoothest, softest lips. Your lipstick will look better and stay longer. And if the date goes well, he’ll never be able to forget that kiss. Etude House Cherry Lip Gel Patch “I always use this when my lips get really dry, like when […]

You already know the benefits of face primer: blurs imperfections, makes foundation last longer, and even corrects discoloration and dullness before you put on any other makeup. But there’s just so many options. It’s hard to pick the best makeup primer for you, and even harder to apply it correctly. Because yes – professional makeup […]

Too lazy, tired or busy to clean out your makeup brushes? We’re guilty, too! But dirty brushes can trap bacteria that causes acne and sore eyes.  They also transfer germs to makeup products and make them expire faster. Keep your brushes clean, fresh and fluffy with these super-convenient makeup brush cleaners. Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush […]

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