ss cream
Get the Airbrushed Look with the Latest in Makeup – SS Cream!

Finding the right foundation can be tough for anyone. Particularly Singapore’s tropical climate, wearing a full coverage yet light foundation can be a tricky balance. It is not rare to see streaky makeup or oily faces at the end of a long day. Quite a few Singaporean women choose to adopt a classic BB cream […]

best matte lipstick for dry lips
Matte Lipsticks That Won’t Dry Out Your Lips or Feel Like Sandpaper

Is it possible to have matte and moisture? Thank goodness, yes. These are some of the best matte lipsticks for dry lips: they have nourishing ingredients that keep your lips soft and smooth. The formulas stay matte (and a lot of them are budge-proof) but you won’t feel like you’ve just eaten sandpaper. It’s the […]

apply eyeshadow for asian
Trendy Ways to Apply Eyeshadow for Asian Eyes — and Make Them POP!

How do you apply eyeshadow for Asian eyes, to enhance your gorgeous eye shape and make them look bigger? Here are some great makeup ideas you can try. 1. Play with pink and plum Instead of a heavy smokey eye (which can overwhelm small eye shapes) use shades of brown, pink and plum to line […]

foundations for oily skin
7 Light, Long-lasting Foundations for Oily or Combination Skin

When you’ve got oily skin, finding a light and natural-looking foundation can be especially challenging. You need a formula that won’t cake, and can help keep your face shine-free without constant touch ups. But you also have to be careful about the formula, because oily skin is often acne-prone. Here are some of our favourite […]

eyeliner pencil
9 Best Eyeliner Pencils for Every Budget and Makeup Look

Why is it so hard to find a good eyeliner pencil? The worst ones either leave no pigment at all or have such a hard tip that you feel like you’re jabbing yourself in the eye each time you apply. The mediocre ones last a few hours, but fade or smudge. I mean, really makeup […]

makeup primer
How to Apply Makeup Primer (Plus: The Mistake Everyone Makes)

if you’re not yet using makeup primer, you’re missing out. This simple step can make your foundation look a hundred times better — even if you use less? The result: natural looking makeup that feels weightless and lasts longer. But don’t just smear makeup primer all over the face the way you would a moisturizer. […]

makeup trends
These Makeup Trends Are On Their Way Out (Do You Agree?)

Makeup trends are fickle: one day everyone’s talking about this product or look and showing it on Instagram (insert appropriate hashtag here). The next day, they’re saying that it’s passe. “OMG, are you still doing that?” Well, supposedly these once-hot makeup trends have officially fallen out of favor among beauty influences and insiders. What do […]