What is the perfect brow shape? Is it bold and angular? Or soft and straight? The answer depends on the look you are going for. But it can also depend on your natural face shape. Below are four of the best eyebrow kits you can shop for depending on your face and brow shape! Angular […]

matte lip gloss

There are so many things to love about matte lipsticks. Generally, they don’t easily budge. The color is usually bold and highly pigmented. The impact of matte lipsticks is undeniably powerful, but it’s not typically the most comfortable thing to wear on the lips for hours at a time. Naturally, matte lipsticks and matte lip […]

All over Asia, media outlets are wondering the same thing. How is it that Sandara Park, better known as Dara of the defunct girl band 2NE1 still looks as fresh as she did when she broke out into the K-Pop scene? Yes, in case you are computing, Dara is now in her 30s. Like most […]

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