Who would not know Song Hye Kyo? This girl is probably the biggest Kpop star there has ever been. She starred is numerous successful k-drama series and movies, it’s hard to miss a talent like this! Apart from her great acting talents, she also has what they call the “midas touch” because every product endorsement […]

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Do you walk out your front door in the morning and want to turn around and head back inside due to the heat and humidity? Creating a long-lasting makeup in itself is tricky, only made harder to perfect in the humid Southeast Asian temperatures. But here’s the beauty news you’ve been wanting to here in […]

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While makeup is fun to apply, removing it is the total opposite. As much as you love to see that art in your eye, you should never skip the cleaning part especially before you sleep. Because your eyes carry the heaviest makeup, aim for a clean and break-out free face with these eye makeup removing […]

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