Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Getting Ombre Powder Brows

The usual semi-permanent makeup for brows that we’ve all heard of is the microblading procedure which uses the tattoo technique to create much fuller and beautiful brows. Since the dawn of this solution, many women around the world have started opting for it. However, microblading may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with larger […]

best lipstick singapore
Best Lipstick in Singapore: 20 Picks for 2020

“Give a girl the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.” It’s true—lipstick is not just about colour, it’s about confidence. A bright red lipstick can make us feel sexy; an electric pink can bring out our inner rock star. Even a subtle rosy nude can bring life and youth to a make-up free […]

Best Loose Powders In Singapore For A Flawless Base

Do you know the importance of implementing loose powders into your makeup routine? Loose powders are often used to set your makeup in place and to give it a matte and flawless finish. It is usually applied after foundation and concealer to ensure that it stays put throughout the day. So it makes sense that […]

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11 Best Mascaras in Singapore For Thicker, Fuller and Longer Lashes!

We can all agree that nothing can give an instant confidence boost like how a mascara would. It is the most effective tool that can give you a full glam face when you are in a rush and just have no time to wear full-face makeup. In fact, for most of us at Beauty Insider, […]

15 Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands in Singapore That’ve Our Seal of Approval

The current buzzwords that are frequently used in the beauty industry in Singapore are vegan, organic and cruelty-free! The one has the most searched volume though is cruelty-free makeup brands in Singapore! As a result of popular demands, many brands today ensure their products are manufactured without causing harm and death to animals. Because, essentially, […]

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Find the Best Foundation Brush for Your Makeup Routine

While you can use your fingers to apply foundation, a foundation brush is more hygienic and precise. You can hide blemishes and apply it only where you need it, which looks more natural. Since this is the most important step in your makeup routine, invest in a high quality brush. Makeup artists recommend the best […]

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5 Easy Makeup Tips from BlackPink’s Official Makeup Artist!

Jennie of BlackPink isn’t just one of the biggest K-Pop acts in the world. She’s also a beauty icon who sets Korean makeup and fashion trends. Well, now is your chance to get her look! Her makeup artist Myungsun Lee, who created her look for her music videos and magazine covers, shares some of her […]

10 Best Vanity Mirrors With Lights in Singapore That You Need To Own!

Okay, can you recall occasions where you went too heavy in applying some blusher, or foundation and only realised it when you’re out? or you look completely different when you applied your makeup at home and look so much different at an event? Yes, that’s the cause of insufficient and inappropriate lighting. You see, the […]

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These Eyebrow Kits Will Give You The Best Brows of Your Life

“Well-defined” brows can go two ways. You can overdo it and look like a Disney Villain, or you can hit that magic spot where it frames your face but still looks soft and natural. The secret to getting eyebrows right lies in these eyebrow kits. Eyebrow kits vs Eyebrow Pencils Eyebrow pencils are affordable and […]