Bacne Begone! Here Are Some Treatments You Can Do To Combat Back Acne
By: Nina Shahriman / January 14, 2021

A common skin concern that affects many is acne. Normally, it is seen on one’s face however many people don’t realise that it can also happen onto the rest of our bodies as well. Therefore, today, Beauty Insider wants to limelight back acne and the treatments you should try out to treat it! What Is […]

Dark Eye Circle Treatments In Singapore 2021: Naturally & Aesthetically
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Everyone has probably had dark circles at least once in their life. Either from burning the midnight oil studying or working or binge-watching your favourite TV show even though you have an 8 am meeting the next morning. But despite how common they are, dark circles and puffy eyes usually aren’t the “go-to you plan […]

Beauty on the Go

Meet Singapore’s Celebrity Plastic Surgeons
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / December 30, 2020

Here are the doctors behind some of the most admired faces in Singapore. These celebrity plastic surgeons are some of the best in Singapore, though some might call them artists. Their success and results are based on decades of hard work, attention to detail, and commitment to their craft. Read on to know where they […]

Zap Acne, Wrinkles and Hyperpigmentation at a Laser Clinic in Singapore
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / December 23, 2020

Laser treatments can help fight ageing, acne and many other skin concerns. If you’re doing laser treatments for the first time (or deciding whether or not it’s worth it) this article can help! You’ll find the benefits of lasers, what to expect at each session, and where to find a laser clinic in Singapore. Laser […]

Botox Singapore
Botox in Singapore: The Complete Guide To This Popular Aesthetic Procedure
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / December 2, 2020

Botox is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the world. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Linda Evangelista, Simon Cowell have all admitted to regular Botox sessions—and Jennifer Aniston says she got Botox on her armpits to control excessive sweating. Now, are you thinking of trying the highly coveted treatment yourself? Well, Beauty Insider has […]