16 Best Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Centres In Singapore
By: Balqis Ariffin / January 5, 2022

With historical practices tracing back to thousands of years ago, Traditional Chinese Medicine or commonly known by its abbreviation TCM is an ancient treatment that is highly loved by the local people. In fact, its facilities were established in Singapore as early as the 1800s. Unlike western medicine treatment, Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on overall […]

Disposable Face Masks You Need To Have To Battle Any Virus
By: Cherelle Lim / December 31, 2021

Face masks have become a staple for our daily wear and activities. Once you step out of your house, you need to be wearing a face mask. That is how the pandemic changed the way we dress and interact. Some might not care much about what type or colour of face mask they are wearing, […]

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Nose Hair Trimmers To Trim Those Overgrowing Nose Hairs!
By: Cherelle Lim / December 8, 2021

We take care of our face, our body and our hair. But, there is something and one part of our body that we constantly forget to take care of. One part of our body where hair is present yet not usually noticeable. Can you guess where? Your nose! Nose hairs can be tricky to maintain […]

Spill The Tea On Which Beauty Tea Will Give You That Natural Glow!
By: Cherelle Lim / December 2, 2021

Alright, it is time to spill the holy grail of tea. Which type of tea, or beau-tea, will give you that natural glow you’ve been looking for. Well, Beauty Insider will be sipping every type of tea to make sure you know which beauty tea is the one that truly works magic on your skin. […]