celebrity diet secrets
12 Surprisingly Easy (and Effective) Celebrity Diet Secrets

Did you gain a few pounds during the circuit break? All the weeks at home (with the refrigerator just a few steps away!) have derailed many of our fitness and diet goals. Try some of these celebrity diet and exercise secrets to get back on track. Load up on salmon Supermodel Ashley Graham’s typica ldinner […]

fitness classes in singapore
10 Best Fitness Classes in Singapore To Get That Dream Body Of Yours!

Getting into shape can be an arduous task especially if you are a first-timer at fitness. From fitness class packages to gym memberships, embarking on this journey can be very intimidating. If you are still determined to get into shape and ditch happy hour for a fitness class- then Beauty Insider has gathered the list […]

khloe kardashian meal plan
Follow Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body Meal Plan To Get in Shape!

Okay, we bet y’all are well aware of all the crazy breakup dramas Khloe Kardashian has gone through in her life! The sassy Kardashian sister turned all her post-breakup anger and energy into building herself (mentally and physically) and honestly, gurl has never looked better!!! Now, but how did Khloe lose so much weight in […]

10 Best Period Tracker Apps This 2020 To Keep Your Cycle In Check

When there’s an app for almost anything you require, why not an app to track your period cycle right? Instead of manually tracking your period, we now have apps that make it much easier for you. What’s more is, some of these apps give you reminders of when your period is expected to start, so […]

Can’t Sleep? These Common Habits are Ruining your Sleep Patterns

Insomnia and sleep problems can be very frustrating. You’re exhausted – physically, mentally, emotionally – and you want nothing more than a good night’s rest. But you toss and turn in bed, or you wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling asleep again. But what’s causing your insomnia, and what […]

Stay Safe in the New Normal: Experts Rate Activities Based on Covid-19 Risk

Quarantine measures have been lifted, and many people are eager to finally get outdoors and return to their old routines. However, global experts say it’s still important to take proper precautions. “Covid-19 exposure risk varies across activities,” says Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the US National Institute of Allergy Infection and Diseases. Here’s what you […]

Here Are Some Ways You Can Get Rid of Your Bloated Stomach ASAP

Do you always find yourself with a bloated stomach? There are many reasons why a bloated stomach is caused. We give you all the insights about its causes and how you can effectively get rid of them! What is a bloated stomach? If you always feel uncomfortable in your abdominal and stomach region of your […]

Wearing Gloves As A Protection During Covid-19 May Just Do You More Harm Than Good

As the Covid-19 virus is still progressing, so is the safety guidelines. Initially, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) urged the public to refrain from using face masks to protect themselves. However, now facemasks and gloves are being used widely. The reason the CDC recommended against the use of face masks is because of the […]

remedies for insomnia
13 Proven Remedies for Insomnia that Can Help You Sleep More Soundly!

More than half of the world’s population experience short-term insomnia! In fact, a survey by Harvard found out that one in four adults report suffering from mild insomnia. Now, what is insomnia? It is a common sleeping disorder that makes sleeping difficult. Although it’s common to have the occasional sleepless night, insomnia is slightly more […]

10 Best Yoga Mats in Singapore That’ll Make Any Workout More Comfortable

As yoga requires patience, time and good concentration, while it also burns calories, you would need a proper mat that would give you support, cushion and be non-slippery. In some cases, the lighter the mat, the better it is to carry it around. With so many mats in the market, how do you know which […]

vaginal care tips
10 Gynae-Approved Vaginal Care Tips For A Clean and Healthy ‘Vag’!

VAGINA!!!! Did we manage to get your attention, well who wouldn’t turn heads when they hear the big ‘V’?! The vagina is the most delicate part of our body but is often neglected. Most of us tend to pay more attention to our skin and face but little did we know our vagina is the […]