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There are two things you should do before any workout: stretching, and cleansing. Wearing makeup when you work out is a fast-track to a breakout. (And no, sweatproof makeup isn’t going to make it better.) Why is wearing makeup so bad during exercise? Dr. Neal Schultz – a New York dermatologist and host of […]

If you cut 500 calories a day, you can lose as much as a pound a week. And you don’t even have to go on an extreme diet, either. Here are simple ways for you to lower your calorie intake without even noticing. Take your coffee black A cup of regular black coffee has just […]

We here at Beauty Insider know it happens every year. Your New Year hangover that your promise will not happen seems to come round that corner every time the clock strikes 12 midnight. Don’t worry we’ve got the perfect tips to help you recover fast (and well) while you usher in the New Year with […]

Wellness is often an overlooked portion for most busy 20 and 30 somethings. However, we at Beauty Insider strive to focus on a holistic approach toward beauty. We have scoured the web to find simple tips to help you keep your heart, mind, body and soul in tip-top condition for the upcoming new year! After […]

Beat holiday bloat with a juice cleanse! The cocktails and rich party food can mess up your digestive system and make you feel sluggish. These green juices can help you flush out the toxins and make you feel and look better again. The Green Detox Drink the Whole Internet Loves You’ll find this green detox […]

Had one too many holiday cocktails? You feel it, and your skin shows it. Here’s how to treat “hangover skin” and the general misery you’ll feel when you wake up the next day. Drink lots of water According to Dr. Sandra Lee (better known as Dr. Pimple Popper) alcohol lowers your body’s antidiuretic hormone (ADH) […]

The holidays are the time for fun, food, and the freedom to indulge in as many cocktails and Christmas cookies you want. After all, you deserve it! But how do you avoid gaining too much weight during the party season? These holiday diet tips can help. Don’t go to a party hungry Take a healthy […]

“I can’t survive a week without my yoga class,” says Tracy, who takes Yoga Singapore classes thrice a week. It helps her manage stress and stretches her back after hours of sitting in front of her computer. But as happy as she is with her yoga class, she wants to take it to the next […]

Don’t you just hate that time of the month? Cramps, bloating, headaches, backache… It’s not fun! The good news is that some women’s vitamins can help manage PMS symptoms. Take these if you always feel discomfort or even pain before or after your period.  Vitamin B6 PMS pain and emotional mood swings are caused by […]

Google just told us a secret: thousands of people search for “tantric massages in Singapore” every day. People are curious about this special and sensual massage, and there’s nothing wrong with that!  But because they’re too shy to ask, there’s a lot of misconception about what it is and what it’s for. So here’s Beauty […]

In today’s fast paced life, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the daily stress. Holidays are often expensive and not always feasible. Looking for a better way to relax? Beauty Insider has curated a list of Singapore based romantic spa getaways that will help you forget your worries and sink into a lovely relaxing escape. For […]

if you’re really serious about getting fairer, brighter skin, don’t stop at applying creams and serums. Add a whitening supplement to your beauty regimen. The best skin lightening pills in Singapore contain scientifically-developed ingredients that control your melanin production and protect your skin from UV damage. (P.S: UV exposure doesn’t just darken your skin, it […]

More and more men in Singapore are taking supplements to help them keep up with their busy and active lifestyle. The best multivitamin for men is always sought after, as well as the best supplements for men. Whether you want to increase your energy, help your body deal with the daily stresses, or have other […]

Today’s busy lifestyle can also make for an unhealthy lifestyle. We sleep short hours, often find ourselves in stressful situations, and satisfy our tired bodies with poor food choices. It is high time to start taking care of our bodies, and it does not just pertain to a good skincare regimen. Beauty involves wellness and […]

Beautiful skin cannot just be achieved with topical skincare. There is vitamins for the skin. The same goes with your hair. It is not just in the topical products, it is also in hair supplements. To get the optimum results, it must be partnered with top skin supplements. Here are Beauty Insider’s winners for the […]

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