Covid-19 in Singapore: Everything You Need To Know About This Coronavirus

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the entire world is in panic. Especially when the World Health Organisation (WHO) has categorised the Covid-19 to be pandemic: A disease epidemic that has spread worldwide. Hence, Beauty Insider provides you with all the information you need to know about Covid-19 in Singapore. What is Covid-19? Covid-19 is a coronavirus […]

gym and covid virus
How to Protect Yourself from Covid-19 at the Gym, Pool or Health Club

Should you still go to the gym in the middle of the Covid 19 outbreak? How high is the risk of transmission from yoga mats, exercise equipment or group classes? Should you cancel your tennis game or stop your morning laps at your condo pool? Here’s what you need about Corona virus safety and your […]

10 Ways To Stay Hydrated During This Scorching Heat in Singapore

We know we’re not the only ones in Singapore constantly finding ourselves perspiring these couple of weeks. It’s like we ran a 10 km run and ending up taking more than 3 showers a day! The heat in Singapore has been immensely hot and it’s been draining us out. It is important to take note, […]

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Your Hand Sanitizer May be Useless Against Covid-19 (know what really works!)

Raise your (germ-free) hands if you’ve stocked up on hand sanitizers after the Corona Virus outbreak. Hand sanitizer sales have skyrocketed, and it’s even gone out of stock. CNBC reported that some supermarkets even had to limit the number of bottles per shopper. But hand sanitizers aren’t the best way to fight germs. “Alcohol-based hand […]

10 Healthy Alternatives to White Rice and the Best Way to Cook Them

Go on any diet, and the first thing they’ll tell you is to cut down on carbs, like white rice. But for Asians, rice is life! Think about it: Singapore’s national dish is Hainanese Chicken Rice. We can’t give up on grains completely. So what are some delicious alternatives to white rice, and what’s the […]

Abortion in Singapore: All Your Questions Answered!

In this day and age, sexual intercourse has become a norm. However, if it is unsafely practised, it may be possible to get pregnant. No doubt seeing a positive sign on a pregnancy test can be scary especially when it is unplanned. Some of the questions you may ask yourself in this situation are: What […]

Self-Care Gadgets for Chronic Worriers: Turn off Your Brain and Relax

Do you always get headaches? Do you have trouble sleeping, and toss and turn for hours because your mind won’t “turn off” even if you’re exhausted? Are you cranky and easily frustrated? These are early signs of burnout. Burnout: The Silent Disease “Burnout is one of those road hazards in life that high-achievers really should keep […]

Menstrual Cup 101: A Complete Coverage Of Everything You Need To Know

From the time we got our first periods, it’s safe to say we’ve only been introduced to sanitary pads and tampons. Interestingly and also to our surprise, the first menstrual cup was invented in the year 1937. You’re still probably wondering “what is a menstrual cup?”. Wonder no more, as Beauty Insider gives you a […]