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Colors, Japanese Inspired Hair Salon That Will ‘Blow Dry’ Your Mind!
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / July 2, 2021

Are you in need of some extra TLC? We know that a pampering session is the first thing that pops into your mind after being stuck at home for so long. However, finding the best yet relaxing hair salon to pamper yourself can be pretty hard. Fret not because, after a little research, we managed […]

2021 Review: The 23 Best Hair Salons in Singapore for that Perfect #Hairfie
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / May 10, 2021

Whenever you go to affordable hair salons in Singapore for the first time, there is a fear that your new hairdo won’t elevate your looks. There are doubts whether your new hairstyle will suit your face shape, skin colour, personality, and lifestyle. Let’s get rid of that fear! Beauty Insider shows you the best hair […]

15 Highly Raved Hair Salons To Slay Your S Curl And C Curl!
By: / April 19, 2021

Tired of your old hairstyle or looking to get a boost of volume for your hair? Try getting this all-new S curl and C curl trend at some of these absolutely amazing and raved hair salons in Singapore! What are S and C Curl Perm? The C curl perm delivers soft and smooth hair that […]

15 Best Hair Loss Treatments in Singapore For All Your Hair Woes
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / March 23, 2021

Your hair is an important aspect of your body. It is your crown that you wear. However, did you know that an average adult sheds 50-100 strands of hair a day? If a person loses more than 100 strands a day could indicate a hair loss problem. Hence, if you notice or feel like you […]

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Retern Hair Has A Permanent Solution To Return Your Beautiful Hair Once More!
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / March 2, 2021

Simply put, let’s talk about hair. Our hair is an important part of us; consider it an extension of our identity because it’s the first thing that others recognizes us with. Additionally, many of us can also agree that having healthy hair is optimal and this is achieved through effective products and treatments. With that, Beauty […]

Visit These Best Hair Salons In Singapore For Baby Haircuts
By: Balqis Ariffin / February 17, 2021

Is your little munchkin in desperate need of a new haircut? Or are you looking for the best salon for the baby’s first haircut? A haircut session can be daunting for the parent. Hence finding the best salon that specialized in baby haircuts is important. Beauty Insider has gathered the 10 best hair salons for baby […]

These 10 Korean Hair Salons Are Ready To Make You Look Drop Dead Gorgeous!
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / February 16, 2021

It seems like everything Korean is making its way into our daily lives and into our hearts. There’s just something about the Korean touch that makes it so much better. From dramas, food, beauty, music and specifically – hair care, hairstyles and Korean hair salons! Okay, maybe we can blame it on our love for […]

10 Salons With The Best Grey Hair Treatment In Singapore
By: Balqis Ariffin / February 5, 2021

Grey hair is inevitable due to aging but if you start to notice strands of grey hair when you’re in your 20s, it’s a sign that you have premature grey hair. Rest assured as there are ways to restore the pigmentation and reverse the signs of grey hair. So, if you’re still searching for the […]