2019 oscars hairstyles
Oscars 2019: 12 Celebrity Hairstyles That Anyone Can Do

See it on the red carpet, wear it to work or your next date. These Oscars hairstyles are both glamorous and extremely wearable and easy to do. We saw a lot of styles that we can actually wear everyday, like middle parts and sleek ponytails. Seriously, all we need is spritz hair and make a […]

scalp treatment
Signs You Really Need a Scalp Treatment Right Now

Sometimes, your scalp needs more than a good shampoo. Your scalp absorbs every hair product we ever use, plus gets weighed down by product build-up and flakes. Here are the signs you need to head to a hair salon stat for a good scalp treatment and detox. You don’t shampoo every day FYI, most of […]

This Salon has the Secret Perm for Your Dull and Damaged Hair!

Have you ever felt that every day is a bad hair day? Your hair gets frizzy when it is humid (that’s 80% of the year in Singapore). You try to style it, but all the blow drying and curling has made it into a dull, dry mess. The perms you have gotten only serve to […]

hair salon
4 Hair Salons with No CNY Surcharge and Great Promotions to Grab!

Chinese New Year is definitely a time people change up or refresh their look. Hair is especially hard though, as prices tend to surge like the Friday night Grab surcharge we are all too familiar with. We at Beauty Insider are dedicated to bringing you the best deals at the best hair salons in the […]