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There is never a better time to flaunt a fresh new look than the New Year! In this case, the catchphrase “New Year, New Me” holds much truth. You can expect loads of both new and old hair trends happening this 2018 in Singapore, just like everywhere else, and the best way to update your […]

Breathe Life Back Into Limp, Damaged Hair

If your hair texture is more “hay” than “yay”, Chez Vous’ hi-tech Trilogy Hair System may be your salvation.

Perfect Cut And Color Shunji Matsuo Stylists Tell The Secret

Shunji Matsuo Founder and Managing Director of Shunji Matsuo Salon Group. Based in Singapore at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio     Justin Javier International Director and stylist. Manager of Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio and colour specialist     Mr Chikuma Koyama Tokyo-based veteran hairstylist attached to Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio in Singapore. Heads the  Hair Fashion […]