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Your hair looks great at the salon, but you struggle to recreate the look at home. Sadly, even the best hair styles can look flat (or frizzy) because… well, real life. We don’t have the time or skills to style it like the pros. But there’s hope: we found the best hair products for every […]

Would you pay $600 for a hairdryer? That’s the average price of Dyson in Singapore, and probably one of the most expensive hair tools you’ll own. But lots of women say that it is worth every cent. “I kept wasting money on cheaper blowdryers that were too hard to use and damaged my hair. Then […]

Want a new look? Be inspired by these short haircuts for women by celebrity hair stylists, taken from the red carpet and runway. These will be the trendiest short haircuts for women in 2019. CHOPPY CROPS Anthony Nader — hairstylist to the stars who’s got his finger on all the trendiest haircuts for women – […]

Picture this: You’re getting ready for a night out with your BFFs — the outfit is laid out, jewellery is chosen — and you sit at your vanity, just to get completely hung up on your current hair state. A simplistic updo may come to thought, but you don’t bend into those basic thoughts, because girlfriend, […]

There are certain beauty lessons we’re all familiar with: don’t use expired makeup products, always apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen, and so on. But the proper care and nasty ingredients in our hair care products can be particularly vague. Why? Because combatting damaged hair is anything but pleasant. It brings with it the unreturnable […]

It doesn’t matter what variety of workout you’re performing — cardio, yoga, or pretty much anything in between — especially working out with long hair in your face is a no-go, and sometimes a regular ponytail just doesn’t cut it. We all know athleisure beauty has become a thing, but nothing has entirely fulfilled our hair […]

You do not need to spend a lot of money to get good quality hair care. There are many choices of drugstore shampoo that are the best shampoo for oily hair. You can also find the best natural shampoo in easily on the shelves of drugstores. We believe that the best shampoo and conditioner does […]

It can be costly to always keep getting your hair done for special occasions so it is better to invest that cost into shopping for your own hair beauty tools. These hair tools can also be used for every day, so that you do not go to your pony tail default and can change things […]

The exhaustion might have set in now that New York has wrapped up and the fashion pack is unveiling in their 4th city destination, but the beauty inspiration?

As beauty editors, we’re always on the hunt for lust-worthy additions for our new season wardrobe.

We’ve been using them since we were young. This classic 90s hair accessory is having a moment, once again. They add an instant allure to your casual updo! You’ve heard of the saying: everything old is new again. From snap clips to velvet scrunchies, we might have sported these little gems as a kid. While we […]

Daenerys Targaryen — excuse us, we mean, Emilia Clarke — has debuted a fresh, new hairstyle.

Ever since she stepped into the royal public eye, the “Markle effect” was having a tremendous impact on the jewellery and fashion industries. Yes, we’re definitely talking about Meghan Markle. The royal darling has even swept the bridal hair and makeup trends once she made her appearance in front of the St George’s Chapel at […]

We all know that dry shampoo is key for tackling oily roots and securing a little extra bounce to your second or third-day hair. However, most hair products don’t really make the cut when you’re striving to make dirty hair smell fresh or clean. That gritty post-spray fragrance is unmistakable — an immediate giveaway that you […]

We’re mid-way through August; where did the time go? With Fall approaching, it tends to be the time of year most of us desperately want to snap out of a hair rut. If that means a big chop to rid yourself of your damaged hair, you might want to hold off on that! With Lux […]

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