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24 Best Shampoos in Singapore For Coloured Hair For Healthy Tresses
By: Kavitha / October 16, 2020

Unlike normal hair, colour treated hair needs a tad bit more TLC, cuz you spent lots of money and time on it so needs proper maintenance. One of the basic need is specially formulated shampoos that can keep the colour vibrant and ensure the hair is healthy too. Plus, these shampoos can also work to […]

The Beauty Insider-Approved Haircare Routine And How You Can Get It!
By: Clara Siew /

Is the Singaporean heat and humidity getting to you and your hair? Even though we can’t control the weather, we can certainly take charge of how we care for our hair! Today, we’ll be sharing our top tips and our Beauty Insider-approved haircare routine for healthy and lustrous locks! Top tips for strong and healthy […]

Keep Your Hairstyle Perfect All Day With The Best 7 Hairsprays in Singapore!
By: Nina Shahriman / October 9, 2020

Living in Singapore, we are constantly battling the heat and humidity of our weather and the disastrous things it can do to our hair over time. Styling becomes a chore when you spend so much time on your hair only for it to go limp by noon. That’s why you need to start using hairsprays! […]

Beat Hair Fall With This 3 Step Daily Regime
By: Nina Shahriman / October 2, 2020

One major hair concern that affects many people across the world is dreaded hair fall. It’s the random strands of hair you find on your floor. It’s the hairy clump you see at the drain after a shower. It is also the small nest of hair stuck on your hairbrush that has grown when you […]

Best DIY Hair Colour Kits To Give You Salon-Worthy Hair At Home
By: Clara Siew / September 30, 2020

Want a hair colour makeover during the pandemic without breaking the bank? We’ve got you (and your hair) covered! After scouring the shelves of our local drugstores, here are 12 affordable DIY hair colour kits we absolutely love! Soon, you will be able to achieve salon-worthy hair, and all in the comfort and safety of […]

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Conquer Bad Hair Days with the Best Singapore Hair Care Products
By: Dedet Panabi / September 29, 2020

Nobody has perfect hair—just very effective products. Find the best Singapore hair care products for frizzy, damaged, dry, thinning, or limp hair. Best Hair Care Singapore Products for Dry, Damaged and Frizzy Hair Dry hair looks dull and feels rough—but that’s just the start of the problem. Many hair problems are actually caused by lack […]

Best Shampoos In Singapore According To Your Hair Type For Healthy, Silky Hair
By: Nina Shahriman / September 23, 2020

Living in Singapore, the constant heat and humidity can cause many of us with different hair types to develop certain hair conditions that are concerning. To add, hair care treatment can come off as a little intimidating with shampoos, conditioners, serums and more especially when you’re starting out. However, one of the most important products […]

Philips Launches Brand New Hair Dryer and Straightener Prestige with SenseIQ Technology
By: Julianne Jeyapragasam / September 22, 2020

Philips, the global leader in health technology launches a new Phillips Hair Dryer and Straightener Prestige with SenseIQ technology, which is a personalised solution to hairstyling that helps sense, adapt and care for your hair. As every individual’s hair texture and condition are different, people often face issues when it comes to making the right […]

Oily Hair 101: Causes, Treatment, Prevention & More!
By: Julianne Jeyapragasam / September 19, 2020

When your hair is in a healthy state, it produces a certain amount of oil to help with the process of hydrating and protecting your hair and scalp. The level of oil produced varies on your hair type, lifestyle habits and factors. At the time, this natural oil collects on your hair, especially at the […]

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Editor’s Review: Marc Anthony Maximum Moisture Hydra Lock Haircare
By: Dedet Panabi / August 31, 2020

Here is my “mane” frustration: I have very fine and thin hair. I tried to make it look thicker by getting colouring and highlighting treatments, but this left my hair very dry and brittle. Sadly, many moisturizing shampoos tend to weigh down my hair, so it loses the little volume it has. Could Marc Anthony […]

5 Local Hair Brands That Are Making Waves This 2020
By: Julianne Jeyapragasam / August 15, 2020

Did you know that Singapore has some of the best local hair care brands that are proven to provide you with visible and effective results? If you did not already know of some of these local brands, Beauty Insider gives you insights of some of the local hair brands in Singapore that are making waves […]