diy scalp scrubs
5 DIY Scalp Scrubs for Naturally Shiny, Soft and Bouncy Hair

Limp, greasy hair? It happens to everyone. Even if you don’t really have oily hair product build up can upset your scalp’s PH balance. Trace amounts of dry shampoo, styling products and creamy conditioners cling to your hair and clog your hair follicles. But the solution may be right in your kitchen. Try these DIY […]

how to maintain permed hair
How to Maintain Permed Hair: Best Tips and Products

We have to be honest: permed hair needs a lot of love and attention to prevent damage and frizz. The chemicals can weaken your hair and steal some of its shine. And after all the dollars you spent on getting your hair do, you want to make it last. Don’t fear — the secrets are […]

hair products
Stop: You’re Using Your Hair Products The Wrong Way

Do you apply dry shampoo in the morning? Do you towel-dry your hair? Do you apply shampoo straight to your hair? Stop now.. All the habits and routines that use for our hair may be the reason why it’s dull, damaged, greasy, or frizzy. Read on to find the wrong and right way to use […]

holiday hair shortcuts
Holiday Hair Shortcuts that Take Just Minutes

The holidays can get really hectic: shopping, work functions and reunions, potlucks and parties, and a million end-of-year errands. Who has time for a complicated beauty routine? Don’t worry, gorgeous: here are holiday hair shortcuts that will help you look fabulous in half the time.  Keep it sleek and simple Slicked back hair is a […]

Organic Hair Dye 101: Colour Your Hair the Natural Way

Thinking of changing up your hair game– we’ve all been there! Whether you are eyeing that Pinterest-worthy hair colour or just need to cover up those stubborn grey hairs, hair dyes are the perfect answer for your hair colouring needs. However, dousing your precious mane with all those chemicals isn’t the best way forward. From […]

bobby pin hacks
These Bobby Pin Hacks will Give You Perfect Hair and Makeup in Seconds

Who knew that you could do so much with bobby pins? This super cheap hair accessory can help you avoid (and treat) bad hair days, make your hair look thicker, glam up a holiday hair style, and so much more. Try one of these bobby pin hair hacks today! Pin it with Style We always […]