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We’re mid-way through August; where did the time go? With Fall approaching, it tends to be the time of year most of us desperately want to snap out of a hair rut. If that means a big chop to rid yourself of your damaged hair, you might want to hold off on that! With Lux […]

Let’s talk about your hair! How many beauty guru tricks and fancy treatments have you tried to keep your hair in optimum shape? From popular serums to conditioners, there’s definitely a lengthy list of goods out there vowing to produce polished and healthy hair. But what if, in the quest for attaining luxurious tresses, you’ve been […]

In a perfect world, we’d all have plenty of money to splurge on high-end products for each and every hair need and hiccups. And in a really perfect world, we’d have the tresses of Selena Gomez, Lily Collins, or Priyanka Chopra. Alas, no such luck. Essentially, we have to be conscious of where we spend […]

Does having an oily scalp mean you need to pick only dry shampoos? One would think that is the logical choice since the best dry shampoo comes in powder format and would absorb oil. But better and healthier for your scalp is deep cleansing it with a clarifying shampoo. Some can be done once a […]

There’s something about the start of a new season and braided hair that just goes hand in hand. We’re ready for some style magic and one of our preferred ways to embrace Fall is to let our hair do the talking. Are you ready for the next beauty trend? DNA braids. This trend is game-changing […]

It can be tricky to look for hair products that really helps with hair that has experienced years of damage. Beauty Insider picked five of the best selling products–some are natural hair products even made from recycled packaging—to bring your hair back to life. Whether the damage is from frequent colouring, styling, or just the environment, […]

It’s never too early to start daydreaming at the elegant and whimsical hairstyles you’ll be sporting at your wedding. Don’t get us wrong: we love an romantic head-turning wedding dress just as much as the next person. But one fashion detail that always captures our attention…and hearts? A polished bridal hairstyle. With Meghan Markle leading the […]

Of all the beauty woes we’re wrestling with, constantly having scalp issues are certainly among the least glamorous. The evidence of a damaged scalp can also be pretty jarring. Scalp flare-ups like dandruff or psoriasis can be embarrassing, painful or problematic. Many people endure and suffer from treatable conditions discreetly — and that’s no good. There’s […]

Are your tresses looking lifeless and losing their glory? Are they dull and dry or you just want to get some extra life (if there is still some left) out of your natural tresses, you have landed on the right read! 

We all want perfect hair and by the perfect hair, we mean zero dandruff, hydrated and moisturised, bouncy and gorgeous. But is it really possible to achieve all this at the same time?

Whilst some of us might check the ingredients used in our cosmetics and skincare before applying them on our skin, do you also check what is inside our commonly used hair products? Unfortunately, some commercial shampoos on the market today can contain harmful ingredients. 

click hereAre you dying to change up your look and have been looking for “hair salons near me”? Beauty Insider put together the list of the best hair salons in Singapore for a haircut, from a 20 year old salon, to a number of popular Japanese salons, to a salon geared particularly for Muslim women. […]

What are the hair color trends you need to know about? Dyeing your hair is a fun way to get a new look. If you are getting a new cut, you can highlight it further by changing the color of your hair. Thinking of an easy way to change up your look without touching the […]

If you are constantly looking at the fringe styles of your favorite celebrities or Instagram influencers, here is a quick guide to help. Bangs are a great way to freshen up a haircut without drastic changes. Should you get side bangs? Chop it off and go for short hair with bangs, or grow it for […]

This summer, Sephora shares their secret to insta-worthy hair to help you blaze through the season. Targeting frequently faced problems such as greasy scalp, flat, lifeless locks, and dried, damaged hair, these summer hair essentials is the answer to all summer hair woes. With a focus on beach waves, frizz control, sexy volume and damage control […]

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