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10 Best Hair Brushes in Singapore To Keep All The Tangles At Bay!

Admit it, you are most likely using the same hair brush from your teenage years till date, correct?! Despite being the most important hair styling tool, hair brushes are often neglected. Nonetheless, a good hair brush can transform your entire hair care routine. In fact, a good hair brush is what makes the difference between […]

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment- The Affordable Fix For Hair Fall!

Are you suffering from excessive hair loss issues?! As annoying and worrying hair falls can be, the good news is that there is HELP!!! In fact, there is an abundant number of home remedies, hair products and salon treatments that promise to reduce hair falls. However, home remedies take long to show effective results whereas […]

Cardi B Shares Her DIY Natural Hair Mask That Only Consists of 6 Ingredients

When we think of Cardi B’s hair, we’re used to her colourful wigs and her unique haircuts. However, to everyone’s surprise, Cardi B ditched her wigs and showed us all how healthy her natural hair is. She then carries on to give credit to a super-nourishing DIY hair mask that she makes at home, for […]

10 Best Hair Straighteners in Singapore That’ll Work Magic in A Single Stroke

Do you have frizzy hair that requires you to use a straightener, but you’re just afraid of the heat damage that will affect your hair? Well, with the latest development of technology and patented technology of individual brands, developers have come to identify your concerns and designed hair straighteners that won’t cause damage to your […]

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Top 14 Anti-Hair Loss Shampoos in Singapore For a Thicker, Fuller Mane!

As annoying as hair loss can be but it is an inevitable phenomenon. In fact, we shred around 100 strands of hair every day, so it normal for our hair to fall. But what is worrying is when your hair falls extensively till the point where you can start seeing your scalp, a receding hairline […]

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13 Best Dry Hair Products in Singapore To Repair Your Frizzy Ends

Are in an urgent rush looking for dry hair products in Singapore? Or have you tried every possible way there is but still cannot tame that mane? Well, we understand the frustration, the struggle to get rid of frizziness is real! If your hair gets frizzy and dry on a daily basis, it’s probably due […]

Everything You Need To Know About Leave-In Conditioners

What is a leave-in conditioner? A leave-in conditioner is a conditioning product that is applied to freshly shampooed and conditioned hair and left on after your next wash. Unlike the usual conditioners that you would need to rinse out after a few minutes, you do not need to rinse this out, as it needs to […]

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Top 12 Scalp Treatments In Singapore To Fix All Your Mane Issues

Some of the most common scalp problems are over dryness, itchiness and oiliness. Not just do all these issues can cause a lot of irritation, but also hair loss. It is a complete nightmare, to have your hair falling out in patches, and your scalp turning all red and inflamed. To keep all these problems […]