9 Pampering Skincare Gift Sets Your Mom Can Indulge In
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / April 14, 2021

The day where we celebrate the number one women in our lives, Mother’s Day, is fast approaching. Whether you’re spending it together or apart, you can send her a gift as a way to show her your appreciation and love. Aside from the usual flowers and sweet delicacies or desserts that she likes, here is […]

10 Best Sea Salt Sprays To Get Wavy, Beachy Hair Easily
By: Balqis Ariffin / April 13, 2021

Are you looking for ways to revive and style your locks? Out of all hairstyles, it seems that beachy and wavy hair is the go-to hairstyle to revamp the look. Besides, everyone loves the feeling of their texturized hair after a day at the beach, we mean getting yourself soaked in the sun and taking […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Korean Perm: Tips on How to Care for your Korean Perm
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / April 12, 2021

With the Hallyu wave taking over the world, it is safe to say that the biggest beauty trendsetters hail from Korea. It is no different when it comes to hair. Enter Korean perms, the closest thing you can get to achieve that Korean drama look. Unlike the old-fashioned, frizzy curls perms used to give, the […]

frizzy hair
Hair Salons In Singapore With Treatments For Frizzy Hair
By: Cherelle Lim / April 8, 2021

Let me guess. Is the humid weather in Singapore making your hair go frizzy? It is understandable that your hair starts out smooth and straight and ends up frizzy by the end of the day. Well, that is why Beauty Insider has gathered a list of hair salons in Singapore! What for you might ask? […]

hair loss
18 Products For Hair Loss And Thinning You Can Get In Singapore
By: Cherelle Lim /

Are you experiencing the loss and thinning of hair? There are several factors that can lead up to hair loss. If you’re young, don’t think you are in the clear! Hair loss and thinning can happen at any age. For example, if you dye your hair frequently, your hair may become brittle and thin. As […]

Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021 to Celebrate Her Special Day
By: Beauty Insider Journalist /

We celebrate moms, grandmothers, mother-in-laws, and all the mother figures in our lives everyday but annually, we dedicate a day just to honor them a little more (aside from their birthdays, of course!). Send them a token of your love that they will appreciate no matter what it may be. Here’s the list of Mother’s […]

12 Best Pomades In Singapore To Turn Into A Gentleman
By: Cherelle Lim / April 2, 2021

Looking for ways to spice up your hair? Maybe it’s getting a little out of control and you just want to calm it down. Make yourself look more presentable! This one is for all the guys out there who need some help styling their hair. Don’t worry guys, Beauty Insider hasn’t forgotten about you! We […]

dry and frizzy hair
Dry And Frizzy Hair? Check Out The 17 Best Conditioners For Your Hair
By: Cherelle Lim / April 1, 2021

Is your hair dry and frizzy? Sometimes frizzy hair can make your hair look messy and sort of unprofessional. If you have thick hair, the frizziness is even more emphasised! Your mane of hair might have you looking like a lion. So, to help solve your woes, Beauty Insider has compiled a list of the […]