Why Hair Loss is a Real Problem and What You Can do to Tackle It!

Hair loss is a tricky subject. Globally, 21 million women are affected by hair loss. Though balding seems more apparent in men, hormonal changes and stress can greatly affect hair loss in women. Balding is a 21st century disease that is caused by late nights, poor diets all leading to poor blood circulation. It People […]

natural haircare
Best Natural Haircare Products for Dry, Dull and Damaged Hair

Bring dry and damaged hair back to life. These natural haircare products — all winners at Beauty Insider’s 2019 Beauty Awards — will soften, strengthen and bring back the shine. Dixmond Shampoo We’re in love with this natural shampoo! It’s organic (even kids and pregnant women can use them!), affordable, and generously infused with plant […]

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Hair Loss Treatments That Really Work (with Clinically Proven Ingredients!)

So many products claim to fight hair loss, but how many of them really work? These award-winning hair treatments don’t just make your hair look temporarily thicker. They contain ingredients that actually nourish and stimulate your scalp and strengthen your hair. Some of them even block the hormones that cause balding! The result: your hair […]

soft hair
No More Tangles! Get Soft Hair That’s Super Easy to Manage

We have to deal with so many stressful things every day. Brushing your hair shouldn’t have to be one of them! These shampoos and conditioners promise soft hair that behaves the minute you step out of the shower. It’s easy to style and looks great the whole day! Dove Intense Repair Shampoo It’s like getting […]

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How to Buy the Best Blowdryer: Tips from Celebrity Hairstylists

The secret to salon-worthy blowouts at home is in your hands: your blow dryer. In a few minutes it transforms your dripping-wet hair into Instagram-worthy hairstyles. Celebrity hairstylists from around the world tell how how to get the best blowdryers for your #hairgoals. via GIPHY: Late Late Show With James Corden Attachments: What do you […]

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Best Natural Shampoos for Every Hair Type and Concern

You’ve tried natural skincare, but what about natural hair care? Natural shampoos are full of plant and herb extracts that can strengthen your hair and scalp without exposing it to harmful chemicals. Benefits of Natural Shampoos Non-allergenic. If you have dry, itchy scalp you may be sensitive to sulfates or synthetic fragrances. Switch to a […]

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10 Shampoos and Tonics That Fight Thinning Hair and Hairloss

Don’t wait for a bald spot to happen. Fight hair loss and thinning hair right now! These thickening shampoos and scalp tonics promote healthy growth and make even fine, thin hair look extra thick and full. Daeng Gi Meo Ri Vitalizing Scalp Nutrition Pack For Hair Loss Dealing with dandruff, itchy scalp and thinning hair […]

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10 Expert Tips for Treating Oily Hair and Scalp (#9 May Surprise You)

“I get oily hair and scalp oily even if I just shampooed this morning! I’ve tried using different shampoos and conditioners, and I even tried using dry shampoo and baby powder on my roots. Nothing works!” Does this happen to you too? “Most people think that changing hair products can fix greasy or oily hair. […]