portable hair products
Travel-sized Products for Beautiful Hair, Anywhere — for less than $20!

Get beautiful hair, any time and any where! These portable hair products are small but powerful. They control frizz, fight grease, give shine, and solve just about any possible hair emergency. And they’re all less than $20! 5 Ways to Use Portable Hair Products Bring them when you travel. They won’t take up much luggage […]

scalp acne
How to Get Rid of Hairline and Scalp Acne

Pimples on your face are bad enough, but they’re doubly annoying (and more difficult to get rid of) when they appear on your scalp and hairline. They make it painful to comb or brush your hair, and you can’t dry them up with a pimple patch. Here’s what you need to know about scalp acne […]

hair tips that save time and money
15 Hair Tips that Save Time and Make Your Products Work Better

Sometimes the secret to perfect hair isn’t in a bottle of shampoo – it’s how you use the hair products and hair tools you already have. Here are some of the best hair tips we’ve ever tried. They really work and don’t cost a single cent. The best way to condition your hair Don’t just […]

Stop Everything: You’ve Been Using Dry Shampoo The Wrong Way!

Dry shampoo is like the fairy godmother of hair care. You’re late to the ball (or work) and there’s no time to wash and style your hair. Well sprinkle this baby on and — bibidity-bobbity-boo! – you’ve got something that resembles fresh and clean hair in 30 seconds. But the problem is that most of […]

best hairbrush for blowdrying
Pick the Best Kind of Brush for Blowdrying Your Hair Type

Hairbrushes (like makeup brushes) come in different kinds and shapes so they can do different jobs. Fnd the best brush for your hair type and whether you need it to detangle, add volume, or create a particular style. The Sculpting Brush is an all-around tool for both smoothing down hair and styling it. The smooth […]

hair accessories oscars
All the Hair Accessories We Loved From the Oscars

Hair accessories are one of the biggest hair trends. Sparkly pins, pretty head bands, and statement hair ties that immediately oomph to the ponytail. Just look at how these celebs wore hair accessories to the 2019 Oscars. Which one would you wear to your next date or party? Celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen used Dove Style+Care […]

Affordable Hair Products that Celebs Used for Oscars 2019

Who said you had to be very rich or very famous to have perfect hair? Hairstylists used these very affordable hair products to create these celebs’ red carpet looks. Now these are ‘dos that anyone can do. Tresemmé global stylist Justine Marjan gave Kristin Cavallari beachy waves. After curling, he swept her hair to one […]