When things are tagged as award winning beauty products, you expect great results. These skin care products, makeup, hair treatments, and tools are hailed as the best beauty products online for a reason. You can be sure to get your money’s worth because they truly deliver on their promises. Here’s a short list you should […]

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Regardless of the kind of hair you have- straight, curly, thick or thin, there are bad hair days we just can’t seem to skip. It’s almost an entirely bad day altogether even more when we do not have the right product in our bags to have our hair act right once and for all. When […]


Do you ever stop and take the time to ask yourself how many products you have in your skincare regimen? How about in your haircare regimen? For most of us, the focus tends to be more on the former. While that is a good thing, our hair also needs the same amount of love, care and […]

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