Insider 101: How To Do VSCO Girl Makeup And Hair With These 10 Easy Steps
By: Balqis Ariffin / June 9, 2021

Without a doubt, social media has created various types of beauty trends from E-girl to the soft girl. We’ve talked about E-girl makeup look before, so the next on the list is the (drum rolls please), VSCO girl! Yup, we’re sure that most of you remember the time when all of the people is head […]

dyeing your hair
How To Dye Hair at Home – The Ultimate Guide
By: Dedet Panabi / June 7, 2021

At some point in life we had all gawked at Avril Lavigne’s streak of hot pink hair and had attempted to get our own highlights in, and some, unlike the other, might have failed terribly. Because let’s just admit it, dyeing your hair at home requires a certain level of skills and patience, but if […]

hair grow faster
10 Tips To Help Your Hair Grow Faster and Stronger
By: Dedet Panabi / June 1, 2021

Growing out a bad haircut or just want to get really long (but strong) hair? Experts share their hair care tips to help your hair grow faster and achieve your long hair goals! Take hair vitamins Celebrity stylist John Kovacs say that many Hollywood celebrities take hair supplements. “It helps hair grow, and also keeps […]

Top 28 Anti-Hair Loss Shampoos in Singapore For a Thicker, Fuller Mane!
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / May 31, 2021

As annoying as hair loss can be, it is an inevitable phenomenon. In fact, we shred around 100 strands of hair every day, so it’s normal for our hair to fall. But what is worrying is when your hair falls extensively till the point where you can start seeing your scalp, a receding hairline or […]

BlackPink’s Lisa Has the Most Famous Bangs The Internet Has Ever Seen
By: Cherelle Lim / May 21, 2021

Many celebrities have gotten fringes before. Whether it’s a side-swept bang, chunky bang, see-through, curtain or super short fringes! But, there is one celebrity whose bangs are constantly in the spotlight. Try guessing who it is! Well, it is none other than our beloved Lisa of BlackPink! Her bangs have always been the centre of […]

10 Best Oribe Products In Singapore For Luscious, Healthy Locks
By: Balqis Ariffin / May 20, 2021

Luxurious experience and impeccable quality, are what set Oribe products apart from other hair care products. Its sleek packaging of bottles and tubes is inspired by perfume bottles, making them truly one of the kind in the hair industry. Oribe is also renowned for its signature scent which is a blend of cedarwood, white peach, […]

8 Of The Best Pair Of Hair Scissors For An Easy Haircut
By: Cherelle Lim / May 17, 2021

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, sometimes it is best to have a pair of scissors for your hair at home. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be needing it soon or never because having one on hand is convenient. For example, ever since the pandemic, I’m sure many people have been growing out […]

frizzy hair
Hair Salons In Singapore With Treatments For Frizzy Hair
By: Cherelle Lim /

Let me guess. Is the humid weather in Singapore making your hair go frizzy? It is understandable that your hair starts out smooth and straight and ends up frizzy by the end of the day. Well, that is why Beauty Insider has gathered a list of hair salons in Singapore! What for you might ask? […]