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Raise your hand if you’re  always rushing in the morning, and would rather get 5 minutes of extra sleep or have a cup of coffee instead of styling your hair. Well we have the perfect hair hacks for you! These hair products, tools and hair tips require zero fuss or maintenance. You get a much […]

Hairbrushes (like makeup brushes) come in different kinds and shapes so they can do different jobs. Fnd the best brush for your hair type and whether you need it to detangle, add volume, or create a particular style. The Sculpting Brush is an all-around tool for both smoothing down hair and styling it. The smooth […]

Dry shampoo is like the fairy godmother of hair care. You’re late to the ball (or work) and there’s no time to wash and style your hair. Well sprinkle this baby on and — bibidity-bobbity-boo! – you’ve got something that resembles fresh and clean hair in 30 seconds. But the problem is that most of […]

Hair accessories are one of the biggest hair trends. Sparkly pins, pretty head bands, and statement hair ties that immediately oomph to the ponytail. Just look at how these celebs wore hair accessories to the 2019 Oscars. Which one would you wear to your next date or party? Celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen used Dove Style+Care […]

Who said you had to be very rich or very famous to have perfect hair? Hairstylists used these very affordable hair products to create these celebs’ red carpet looks. Now these are ‘dos that anyone can do. Tresemmé global stylist Justine Marjan gave Kristin Cavallari beachy waves. After curling, he swept her hair to one […]

Bring back the bounce, shine  and strength to damaged hair! These shampoos are designed to repair and rescue the most brittle and fragile strands. They’re colour-safe and  can soothe dry, itchy scalp. Moist Diane Extra Damage Repair Some hair colours (like ash and pastels) do double damage to the hair because you need to do […]

We’re always looking for a better shampoo or a hair volumizer that can survive Singapore’s heat and humidity. But these breakthrough hair products of 2019 didn’t just impress us – they blew our minds! They actually have new technology and new ingredients that we have never seen before.   Some of these hair product brands […]

Ponytails are the easiest, fastest way to fix your hair. But who said simple had to be boring? We found these ponytail hairstyles from red carpet events, commercial shoots and the runway. Get Sporty Hailey Bieber wore this 80s’-inspired ponytail hairstyle for a Falcon fashion show. Add Ponytail Extensions Love Ariana Grande’s look? Her hairstylist […]

Get perfect hair without blowing your budget. Use these super easy (and cheap!) hair care tips at home to get salon-worthy results. Hair Masks Are Your Best Friend Hair masks are like super-charged hair conditioners. In just 20 minutes you can soften hair, add shine, and even prevent split-ends and hairloss. The best part is […]

Growing out a bad haircut or just want to get really long (but strong) hair? Experts share their haircare tips to help your grow faster and achieve your long hair goals! Take hair vitamins Celebrity stylist John Kovacs say that many Hollywood celebrities take hair supplements. “It helps hair grow, and also keeps it strong […]

Tired of having your dye job get ruined by harsh shampoos and continual washing? We’ve got you! Introducing our curated guide for the best in-shower (and out) hair colour products to use for your coloured hair. For the Red Heads Red coloured hair can be notoriously hard to maintain. Red hair molecules are larger than […]

Having a fresh colour from a hair salon is all well and good. However, the after hair care is often overlooked by most women. Many then end up complaining of the short life cycle of their hair colouring until they feel the itch to change their look again. We at Beauty insider believe in caring […]

Our hair always looks perfect after a trip to the hair salon, but how do we recreate that at home? Professional stylists share their expert hair tip and favorite, fool-proof products. Hair tip # 1: Use coconut oil for a DIY hair mask Do you have dry hair or split ends? In between haircuts, hot […]

Multi colour hair transformations are so common these days that everyone and their sister is rushing to try them out! Remember when undergoingan extensive hair transformation it is essential to maintain the colour job and the health of your natural hair. We at Beauty Insider want to keep you in the loop about the latest […]

How do you keep coloured hair from becoming dry or brittle? Here are easy healthy hair tips to do every day so your hair doesn’t die when it’s dyed.    Healthy Hair Tip # 1: Use a sulfate-free shampoo Sulfates are what give shampoos that rich lather. While they aren’t necessarily bad for the hair, […]

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