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Top 17 Anti-Hair Loss Shampoos in Singapore For a Thicker, Fuller Mane!
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / December 28, 2020

As annoying as hair loss can be but it is an inevitable phenomenon. In fact, we shred around 100 strands of hair every day, so it normal for our hair to fall. But what is worrying is when your hair falls extensively till the point where you can start seeing your scalp, a receding hairline […]

WD TCM Review: Traditional Chinese Herbs – The Secret To Amazing Hair!
By: Clara Siew / November 19, 2020

Did you know? Traditional Chinese herbs are as amazing for your hair and skin as they are for your overall wellbeing. For 10,000 years, the Chinese have been incorporating traditional medicine into their daily supplements, soups, and even body and haircare products. In fact, Chinese women and men in the past took great pride in […]

Hair Tonic 101: What is a Hair Tonic and Why You Need One ASAP
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / November 10, 2020

The idea of waking up to a clump of hair on your pillow might seem like a terrifying nightmare, but the unfortunate reality is that hair fall is a common problem that can occur at any unsuspecting time. Now, meet the hair tonic — your new lifesaver. Be it luscious locks or a healthy scalp, […]

Fight Pesky Flakes With The 10 Best Dandruff Shampoos In Singapore
By: Nina Shahriman / October 23, 2020

They’re on your shoulders, make a mess of your dark clothes and look like snowflakes- we’re talking about dandruff. When you suffer from dandruff you understand the true struggles it brings. We’re talking about constantly dusting off flakes and the unbearable itch! That’s why it is vital that you combat these flakes with powerful and […]

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24 Best Shampoos in Singapore For Coloured Hair For Healthy Tresses
By: Beauty Insider Journalist / October 16, 2020

Unlike normal hair, colour treated hair needs a tad bit more TLC, cuz you spent lots of money and time on it so needs proper maintenance. One of the basic need is specially formulated shampoos that can keep the colour vibrant and ensure the hair is healthy too. Plus, these shampoos can also work to […]

The Beauty Insider-Approved Haircare Routine And How You Can Get It!
By: Clara Siew /

Is the Singaporean heat and humidity getting to you and your hair? Even though we can’t control the weather, we can certainly take charge of how we care for our hair! Today, we’ll be sharing our top tips and our Beauty Insider-approved haircare routine for healthy and lustrous locks! Top tips for strong and healthy […]

Keep Your Hairstyle Perfect All Day With The Best 7 Hairsprays in Singapore!
By: Nina Shahriman / October 9, 2020

Living in Singapore, we are constantly battling the heat and humidity of our weather and the disastrous things it can do to our hair over time. Styling becomes a chore when you spend so much time on your hair only for it to go limp by noon. That’s why you need to start using hairsprays! […]