Rootree Camphorganic Recharging Cream – 60g


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The ROOTREE Camphorganic Recharging Cream is an organic nourishing cream suitable for both adults and children. This cream consists of 100% Plant Olive Oil, Korean Dendranthema and Shea Butter which are natural emulsifiers. As well as being Vegan, this cream is also Sulphate, Fragrance and Phthalate-free with rich organic extracts in its formula. Upon using this cream, it can help strengthen the skin’s immunity, keep moisture intact and revitalise stressed and damaged skin. With benefits of anti-ageing and anti-oxidative effects, this gentle formula helps replenish the skin and maintaining its silky-soft appearance. 

To use the ROOTREE Camphorganic Recharging Cream:

1. Apply a suitable amount onto your face and neck.

2.   Recommended to use in the morning and night.

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Tiffany Tiffany – January 08, 2021

Love it

after applying my skin is more smooth and the conditions have improved. less oily

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