Edobio Relax Flow -Blended Herb Tea-


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This Edobio blended herb tea is formulated for individuals who need relief from busy days and stresses during your days. The formula is perfectly designated with 9 types of relaxing herbs.  Formulated with natural ingredients and integrating them with advanced Japanese biotechnology to develop formulas that bring out their full potential. For tea lovers, you can always enjoy it anytime and anywhere, either hot and cold! The brand focuses on natural ingredients that keeps you fresh all day.

To use the Blended Herb Tea:

1. Put between 1 to 2 teaspoons in a teapot,

2. Add boiling water.

2. Allow for the tea to brew for 5 -7 minutes 

Blueberry Leaves (Japan), Rooibos, Lemon Grass, Lemon Verbena, Dandelion, Elder Flower, Rosehip, Rose Petals, Genmai (Brown Rice), Chamomile, Calendula

*Does not contain any artificial coloring, fragrance, or preservatives.

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Can't fight Covid but it is really relaxing.

I read an article about Edobio (Not on Beauty Insider) that it helps fight Covid but doesn't state that it magically cures it. If the answer is simple as that then the world wouldn't be like this! But this blend taste nice. Received it today along with the other products I purchased on the Insider Mall. Taste good. It has an earthy yet floral taste to it. If you get what I mean. I can't really explain the flavour. You just have to try it out and see if you like it yourself. So far, I love the taste of this calming blend.
~March 30, 2021

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