LEIM Melawhite Vials (Set of 4) 32 mL


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Leim Melawhite Vials is the perfect answer for the discoloration of skin, helping the gradual fading of dark spots & acne scars. It’s based on a safe and proven formula that uses light to break down pigments using natural and pure ingredients. This product is just what you need to get a youthful glow!

Leim’s Melawhite Vials is a progressive nighttime treatment that not only helps with cell renewal, but also helps lighten skin tone and relieve skin pigmentation. It restores the natural fairness of your skin. The Melawhite based formula promotes healthy, younger-looking skin while discouraging moisture loss. We recommend using this product with our other night treatments such as the Melawhite Cream.

Melawhite® Alpha Ceramides, Elhibin®(Leguminous Seed Extract), Collagen, Phytaluronate(Locust Bean Extract), Immucel(Oligopeptides Complex)


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