RRAW Nude Hue Tinted Moisturiser (Light)


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The RRAW Nude Hue Tinted Moisturiser (Light) is an environmentally friendly, natural and organic skincare that is based in Singapore. This product is not only moisturising, but also blendable and lightweight. With this tinted moisturiser that has SPF75, it is able to provide coverage and blend with your skin tone. This product also comes in two different shades with this specific one being Light, while the other is of a Medium shade. Providing the benefits of a light and matte moisturizing finish, this base will help give that natural nude look.

To use the RRAW Nude Hue Tinted Moisturiser (Light):

1. Apply a thin layer using your fingertips or a sponge.

2. Blend well.

Aqua . VCO. Jojoba Oil. Avocado Oil. Grapeseed Oil. Shea Butter. Cetyl Stearyl (Fatty Alcohol) Zinc Oxide. Japanese Rice Powder. Iron Oxide. Panthenol. Vitamin E. Vitamin C.


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