Holistic Way PPARs CS-W87 Micro-Algae with Green Tea Polyphenols


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The Holistic Way PPARs CS-W87 Micro-Algae with Green Tea Polyphenols contains naturally extracted Catechin from Green Tea. PPARs stands for Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor. This product contains micro-nourishment foods that are considered “The Perfect Cell Food” by scientists. Sourced from micro-algae which are high-grade, it helps to provide many health benefits. Its formula is also enriched with Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), and natural PPARs Agonists. This has benefits in regulating cell development and metabolism. Making it the perfect source for natural nutrition for cells. The Catechin extracted from Green Tea is also an added antioxidant and protection for cardiovascular. This product is suitable for all ages.

To use the Holistic Way PPARs CS-W87 Micro-Algae with Green Tea Polyphenols:

Consume 1 to 20 micro-tablets a day depending on age.

Per 100g micro-tablets contains: CS-W87 Micro-Algae*

Total Calories — 378 kcal, Protein — 63.7g, Fat — 8.75g, Carbohydrate — 16.4g, Fiber — 10.8g, Chlorophyll — 2230mg, CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) — 1.91g, Beta-Carotene — 2090mcg, Vitamin B1 — 0.355mg, Vitamin B2 — 0.71mg, Vitamin B3 — 8.75mg, Vitamin B5 — 2.03mg, Vitamin B6 — 1.06mg, Folic Acid — 50mcg, Vitamin B12 — 4.02mcg, Vitamin E — 7.71mg, Sodium — 49.9mg, Calcium — 144.3mg, Copper — 366mcg, Iron — 46.4mg, Magnesium — 238mg, Potassium — 914.5mg, Zinc — 1.17mg, Green Tea Polyphenols — 5g

* Nutritional contents may vary as each batch is 100% natural.

100% Natural. No additives.

This product contains abundant Natural PPARs Agonist that is verified by State of the Art Patented Extraction Technology from International Cryptomonadales Biotechnology Co. (ICBC), R.O.C. Taiwan.

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