Chorus Mask Moor Facial Mask

5/5 stars from 23 reviews.
26 Reviews

All around best mask

I am glad I started using this product. My skin always felt congested and very bumpy to touch. But since I’ve been using this mask, my skin is definitely a lot brighter and clearer. I use it in my neck too.
Anna Wee
52 Reviews

Special skin treat

This gives me an extra boost for those special occasions when I just need to look my best. Makes me feel very confident knowing I am putting my best face forward :-)
Destiny Foo
26 Reviews

Must use Mask

Definitely worth the extra investment and time. A must in my skin care routine. My go to product whenever my skin starts to feel and look dull. Definitely clears up problem areas immediately and I always feel soooo good afterwards.
Abigail Lee
26 Reviews

Favourite part of my skincare routine

I didn’t really want to add another step to my skin care routine but I am glad it did. The immediate effects makes it all so worthwhile and I know I am also taking care of my skin in the long run!
26 Reviews

Clearer Skin

My skin feels so much clearer and softer after using this mask regularly. My breakouts have really gone down and my skin is not as oily. The texture of my skin is so different now and I love the change.
39 Reviews

More benefits than one

This mask is the perfect all around purpose mask. It’s anti-ageing, hydrating and helps get rid of pimples. Anytime my skin has a problem, one use of this mask improves it greatly.
39 Reviews

Radiance in a bottle

My skin has never looked more luminous than with this mask. My skin has lost many of its fine wrinkles, particularly around my mouth and forehead and my face looks much brighter. My favourite mask for weekly use.
Joyce Tay
52 Reviews

Make-Up Prep

Make-Up Prep: I don’t wear make-up very often but when I do my skin always breaks out. I use this mask the night before any event I have to wake up for and not only does it stop my breakouts, it also makes my make up looks better by giving me smoother skin.
91 Reviews

Best for sensitive skin

I’m always very conscious of the products I use for my face as my skin is very very sensitive. I thought that maybe using a more natural product would be better for me and was not disappointed by this mask. Beyond being very moisturising and excellent for clearing away my acne problems, I have not had any reaction or breakouts because of it.
78 Reviews

Best quick skin makeover

I don’t have to leave this mask on for too long before I see difference to my skin. Even if I only wear it for 10 mins I can already see that my skin is much smoother and less oily plus the effects last for much longer than any other mask I’ve tried. Would recommend to my friend
39 Reviews

Perfect for all ages

Have been using this mask twice a week to tighten my skin and get rid of lines but I gave it to my daughter to try as well and now she loves it as much as I do! It has done so much to clear her skin and moisturise her skin without making her as oily as before. Its the perfect mask for every skin problem!
78 Reviews

New Weekly Ritual

New ritual: I never liked using masks before. My face is very oily and masks never seemed to do anything except make my skin more dry or more oily. I use this mask once a week now. My skin is much softer but less shiny. Would recommend to anyone with oily skin.
39 Reviews

More uses that I thought

More uses than I thought: I got this products initially to get rid of the lines on my face but was pleasantly surprised by how great it is as a moisturiser. After only a few weeks I could tell that the lines on my forehead and eyes were slowly disappearing but I was more surprised to notice how much brighter my face had gotten as well! I did not know my face was so dry until I started using this product and notice the difference.
Qiao En
39 Reviews

Effective Mask which really works !

Been using variety brand of anti ageing products to get rid of my fine line and at last I found one. This mask have all the things I need - natural ingredient, easy using tube container, no fuss to apply and most important it works ! I won\'t say its 100% works from what it claimed but it definitely reduce my fine wrinkle around my eye area. Basically it act as mini face lift as i can feel my muscle is tightened. No doubt i will recommend this to my friends.
Rachel E
26 Reviews

Loves This Mask !

Loves this Mask. I applied it a night before and my skin is baby smooth and radiant in the morning. Clear up my impurities and application of my make up look much more prominent. Will repurchase this products again.
Reika Chua
39 Reviews

Great Smell and Great Result

My friends do not like the organic type of smell but I loves it ! Feels like you are in spa and yet it really an awesome product to put on your face considering its 100% natural ingredient contained. Used it while before I sleep and the results are amazing after the next day. Clean, refresh and smooth feeling. It just make my morning makeup look better.
Maybel L
26 Reviews

Good for oily Skin

This mask cleared my blemishes and cut down the oil on my face. Will only require 5 to 8 minutes to feel your skin feel refresh instantly. Good to use on your dull and oily skin especially for the T-Zone area.
Facebook Profile photoShi Hui Tan
624 Reviews

A good mess

This mask requires for you to mix with water and layer it on layer by layer. It result in a less oilier skin, soft and smooth complexion. More suitable for those with oily skin. Not recommended for those with dry skin. One thing which got me about this mask is how messy it tends to leave the bathroom before and after wash off. On top of that it have a very organic scent which is not my favourite. However, it does gently exfoliate my pores without the feeling of microbeads rolling on my skin - this is my favorite part of the mask. All in all, it\'s great for those with oily skin and don\'t mind a bit of work to the get the good results they want.
Selina Tan
39 Reviews

Easy and Quick To Use.. Effective Result.

This mask can be left on for less than 10 minutes. It comes in a tube form and which quickly and easily smooths all over the face and neck. The contain ingredients is amazing and it act as an anti aging skin care mask for wrinkle and face lifting. I only used it for over 3 week and one thing for sure my face feel refresh, smooth, and firming skin around my cheek area ! Thanks to my best friend Annie who recommended this product to me !
52 Reviews

Will Recommend to get it !

Relaxing and my face felt wonderful everytime after using it. However I dont really like the smell ( Because of the natural ingredients ) Other than that, I can literally feel my skin softer and radiant. Not that expensive as a natural products. Will recommend to get it.
52 Reviews

Will keep using it

My best purchase so far as it suits all skin types due to the all natural ingredient. Even though I have acne-prone skin I saw no problems such as redness or breakout. Will probably keep using it :)
Sandy Lua
26 Reviews

Good for sensitive skin

I will purchase this mask again. I have sensitive skin that is prone to the occasional acne. Every time after I take it off my skin looks so much brighter and the redness has soothed so much. So one of my MUST of my skin care routine product.
26 Reviews

Amazing product.

I normally applied at night when before I sleep. Instant refreshing just after just 5 to 8 minute. After that I used revitalise serum as a night moisturizer when I go to bed. Next day I can clearly see the effect of the product: my face is smoother, less pigmentation, radiant, and my skin definitely feel tighten! Since this products is natural I will recommend it for someone who having skin problem especially sensitive skin, and the health conscious lady out there! Good result and yes, it\'s definitely worth the value.

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Our famous Facial Mask is 100% natural and organic, consisting solely of the vital moor peat and water. The moor’s multitude of organic substances and minerals deeply nourish and replenish, making skin look and feel soft, firm and radiant.


Mix 1 teaspoonful with 2 or 3 drops of water to a smooth paste. Apply directly onto face and neck. Leave on for 3 minutes for the first application and build up to a maximum of 10 minutes with each application.


Heilmoor Clay, Aqua