Evanose Alpine White Brightening Body Lotion

Dark Skin Dry Dry Skin Dull Skin Lotion Normal / All Skin Type Rough Skin Moisturiser

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3-in-1 Brightening Body Lotion That Lightens and Evens Out Skin Tone While Moisturizing and Toning. With 7 Organically-Grown Alpine Actives and Certified Organic Ingredients. Powered by Envacel™ and Encapsulated Swiss Glacial Water.

A lush harvest of seven organic Alpine actives brings to skin a dazzling brilliance of whitening energy. Embrace fairer skin as the seven botanicals lighten, brighten and even out skin tone, perfectly helping to reduce the appearance of blemishes, scars and age spots. The easily absorbed lotion also stimulates circulation, effectively toning skin and improving stretch marks and elasticity. Rich in vitamins and minerals, experience ultra nourishment each time you slather this on.

• Helps smoothe dry and rough patches
• Hydrates, refreshes and tones
• Revives dull-looking skin




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