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excellent texture

It had an excellent texture, and helps to lengthen and thicken each and every eyelash. It makes my eyes looks so much bigger and wider too.
Naomi Tan
52 Reviews

looks very natural

I have tried tons of false eyelashes before and couldn’t find the perfect fit. I was actually quite skeptical at first when I received the product, expecting it to be another round of disappointment but I was really surprised. It looks very natural and I bought 5 more boxes to stock up hahah!
Chloe Ling
78 Reviews

soft and natural

Asians have relatively short lashes and that is one of the major issues for me. Using mascara is not enough to achieve the volume and length which I want t achieve which led me to false eyelashes. Saw this at Sasa and I am amazed, the lashes are so soft and natural you care barely tell it's there!

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