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Beauty Insider is your total approach to beauty. We are your Beauty BFFs ! We help you get gorgeous every way, everywhere!

Beauty Insider is Singapore’s largest Beauty Review, Rewards and Beauty Magazine site.

What you get are the latest reviews of treatments, salon services and products from others who have been there and done that. Whether you have just enjoyed an amazing spa retreat, applied the latest skincare product on your face or simply felt like shouting to the world about your new hair transformation, Beauty Insider offers trusted, authentic and down-to-earth reviews so you can make an informed decision before you make that next beauty purchase.

And here’s the best part you will love the most: We reward you for leaving reviews with us, where your points can be exchanged for products and services from our lovely brand partners. Find out more here.

But, Beauty Insider is not just another beauty review site. We endeavour to customise content to your tastes and preferences and even to your skin type! This is based on your beauty profile you can create when you register for your free account with us.

So whether you are searching for the latest spa promotions, trending eye lash extensions, makeup tutorial videos or simply want to be updated with the latest beauty news, our mission is simple : We want to to keep you ‘looking great and feeling fabulous’.

So Happy Reading Ladies and oh don’t forget to register for our monthly beauty journal here!


Your Beauty BFF.

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Our first beauty site, formerly a print magazine that offers the latest news & trends in Aesthetic treatments in Singapore.

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