2013 was a great year for every beauty enthusiasts especially when 13rushes unveiled their first set of products, which undeniably stunned and made every beauty lovers and bloggers everywhere run to the nearest mall to grab a pair of 13rushes make up brushes.

13rushes believes and envisions to create and share to the beauty world exceptional synthetic brushes that are kind to the animals. The 13rushes headquarters is located in  Singapore, a sunny island in South East Asia however, good news for 13rushes fans and lovers, they ship worldwide.

As Singapore’s leading cosmetic brush brand, 13rushes craft a fine selection of cruelty-free brushes at affordable prices. They have changed, innovated and evolved for the better quality of products they could offer through the years, but 13rushes’ passion has always remained the same.

13rushed continue to craft all our brushes by hand and in small batches to bring you the best possible application experience. Through innovation, 13rushes sets out to prove that animal-friendly products can outperform natural hair brushes in both cost and performance.

While, for sure, there are fundamental differences among and between natural and synthetic hair bristles, with modern material technology [which has improved a lot in the recent years of trial and error] 13rushes assures you that the synthetic brushed they offer can now be used for all makeup forms that would suit the user’s’ needs and make up (Be it powders, creams or liquids).

By working with beauty experts and everyday users, 13rushes designs tailored beauty tools to meet beauty aspirations of women from all walks of life.