Académie Scientifique de Beauté


Académie Scientifique de Beauté is skincare brand that was established by Dr. Alexandre Lamotte, in 1890. Académie’s founder was convinced that is skincare products were scientifically formulated, eternal youth would be possible to achieve. His knowledge and French-style standard of excellence in beauty have quickly made their way throughout the world. The French brand has been utilizing its expertise to enhance beauty for more than a century, coming up with some of the most well known products such as Princesse des Crèmes and Formule Merveilleuse, which are both anti-aging products.

Académie Scientifique de Beauté is recognized for its treating methods, addressing specific skin types and different skin concerns. Every skincare product of the brand is the result of thorough and careful scientific research by the brand’s “beauty artisans”, ensuring only the highest quality possible is offered.

Académie Scientifique de Beauté products, to this day, are distributed from Paris, in Saint-Honoré–the very first Beauty Salon in France.