Anastasia Beverly Hills

About Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills continues to produce products which are out of the box, offering a wide variety of eyebrow products and makeup, including palette sets, lipsticks, and foundations. The line has received industry-wide recognition for digital innovation and numerous accolades for products such as cult-classics Brow Wiz, Contour Kit, and Liquid Lipstick. Anastasia Beverly Hills has come a long way expanding beyond the brow category with the company’s leading prestige cosmetics line.

Anastasia Beverly Hills was founded by Anastasia Soare, Romanian-born beauty entrepreneur. She is one of the brilliant minds behind this widely recognized beauty cosmetic products line. She successfully launched her namesake brand in 1997 with a Beverly Hills flagship salon.

Following the triumph of the Beverly Hills salon, in the year 2000, Anastasia Soare finally welcomed every beauty enthusiast and introduced the company’s first product line.

Inspired by Phidias’ sacred geometry of the Golden Ratio, Anastasia Beverly Hills creates prestige cosmetics for a passionate prosumer audience. The Brand provides different, unique and affordable beauty products.

Anastasia pioneered and first introduced her patented Golden Ratio Eyebrow Shaping Method. It is extensively accredited for powering the multi-million-dollar business surroundings the category. Popularized through customer relationships with some of the world’s most recognizable faces, the “brow revolution” she ignited has become a landmark contribution to beauty history.

Moving to different platforms, In 2014, ABH debuted its new color makeup line on Instagram, cultivating a connection with clienteles engrossed on product education, creativity, and receptiveness in transporting the “ultimate polished look” for which the brand is known.