Atopalm Real Barrier


ATOPALM Real Barrier is a skincare brand designed specifically to address specific concerns of most dry and sensitive skin types. The brand is skincare with a twist: it features hyaluronic acid and patented dual ceramides, two ingredients that boost the process towards hydrating and comforting skin.

ATOPALM’s vision is to be the optimum solution for sensitive skin, in order to maintain trouble-free skin. Their goal is to reinforce and support the skin’s natural barrier, which is responsible for keeping the moisture in, and the irritants out. It accomplishes this with a formulation of beneficial ingredients, while also avoiding specific ingredients known to be disadvantageous to dry and sensitive skin.

The brand is currently the number 1 brand in moisturizing cosmetics that has obtained remarkable recognition and achievements. Some of ATOPALM’S popular products are its Intensive Moisturizing Cream and  Real Barrier Extreme Cream.